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Freedom, and justice are vanishing entities in our province and our nation.

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The system, and particularly the leftist element of same identified by all parties/movements except the CPC, the CHP, and Libertarian movements, are one and the same, proven by their actions, as foolish, fascist, child abusive, and irresponsible. The fools of the nation have just elected an idiot, who has in the first few months of his rein, lied, is running huge deficits, bringing in economic immigrants many who are functionally illiterate and a liability to the nation, not to mention security risks, has killed many tax saving programs/breaks established by the CPC, and is pursuing more actions that will additionally increase our debt.

There are ways to RIGHT NOW ESTABLISH A BUDGET SURPLUS, but the iron fisted and criminal clutches of politically correct fascism, entrenched like a cancerous running sore in the diseased minds of the people, has become the enemy of all that is good, and a bar to prosperity.

We will examine the ways I can back my claim, and bear in mind, I interact with minds much more astute than mine, here and abroad, and access history and truth by many other venues, areas that the msm liars and whores of the leftist presstitute peons of pathetic pedantry, ignore, as the truth has never and will ever oppose their leftist agenda.

I have already been taken to task for "defaming" the left system bigots, liars and criminals, for saying that they are child abusers and have yet to receive an answer to my response to this by asking, "So what do you call greedy, selfish leftist loonies whose imposition of a massive debt will result in a lower standard of living, less disposable income, and an increased tax burden for my children and grandchildren?

While I am at it I have been chastised/challenged for my passion and encouraged to drop it, just addressing issues without the anger. I have answered to that, the premise as to how is anyone supposed to react to the importation of economic refugees whose ranks are imbedded with muslim terrorists, or the lemming lunacy starting with the liars and whores of the msm responsible for the voting into power of an inept lefturd loonie whose claim to fame is being the son of a fascist communist loving puke and a hippie mother, along with his capacity for being leader being a grade 4 drama teacher.

Enjoy or grit your teeth on this section, depending on your political persuasion, and by all means check the data for yourself.

Articles about the horrendous CYSTEM waste are linked below.

Sincerely, and always for truth,

Edward Kennedy

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