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Freedom, and justice are vanishing entities in our province and our nation.

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I have many questions to answer in this new section, and here I am going to answer the inquiries I receive on specific topics raised by visitors to this site and in particular, comments about me or this site.

One of the first issues I had to respond to is a question about why have I decided to "rock the boat taking unpopular stands attacking specific entities in our society, and in so doing, compromising my safety, among other things?" This will be followed with the answer to what I think "is the greatest danger to all that is good today", both of these my earlier articles way back at the beginning of this page.

You know, I have a group of very intelligent people around me located from the Maritimes to northern BC, as well as from coast to coast in the USA. These people come from all social groups, political affiliations, religions (including atheists,) age, gender, race, color, creed etc... More about the why of this visitor's page can be found here.

Visitor questions and responses are listed below, with the latest at the top.

Always Edward

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