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Freedom, and justice are vanishing entities in our province and our nation.

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Do I speak with your voice on the subjects about which I write?

Do I document subjects important for you?

Am I writing the things you would write if you had the time?

I’m more than a little torn on this whole subject of asking for support, yet rather than continuing to spin my wheels on this, I figured I’d swallow my pride to see if I could lean on you just a bit?

I’ve built the hundreds of pages on this site with funding from my own pocket. There continues to be large numbers of pages to be written as we all try to make sense of what's happening in our world and country. These continue to need to be posted on Justice For All and frankly it is becoming a bit of a personal financial burden.

Care to support the messages of Justice For All?

If so, please mail your support to:

Mr. E. Kennedy,
Post Office Box 134,
Verona, Ontario
K0H 2W0

... and if sending a check / cheque could you please make it out to: Edward Kennedy

All donations are gratefully received though I am NOT a registered charitable organization so I cannot provide receipts.

I know times are tough for lots of folks, and that may include you. That being the case, know that Justice For All will still be around. Perhaps not with as loud a voice in supporting the disenfranchised as we'd all like, but still speaking for many.

With my thanks,


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