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A few weeks ago a trusted friend communicated to me that we were just peons. I did not disagree, in fact, he is 100% correct and the proof is undeniable and staggering to the senses.

I may be volatile/incendiary/controversial/politically incorrect but that does not mean that truth is what I defend regardless of the consequences.

Decades ago, in union negotiations with management, a developer faced the union bargaining team and agreed to the terms, but concluded with the arrogant statement, " We have to throw you peons a few crumbs off the table sometimes to keep you happy." In fact, he was being honest and blunt, a trait I admire in anyone.

Well it is true, and has been for a long time, measured in every western nation by one financial event which I will identify later in the new section. Yet the daily process continues made the more serious by the slave owners making it a goal in the mix to change the face of free nations everywhere and subvert/convert children to their chosen ideology.

I have already stated that I have made some good friends in the USA, all of them intelligent and witty, but especially some members of the fairer gender who I am close to and who I have described. I will be seeking one out especially but also will draw from a variety of men/women of substance, for their continuing personal perspectives on this very topic.

It is interesting that people of conservative persuasion tend to gravitate to me regardless of my rough "persona" but very surprising the ones most enamored of my demeanor and opinions met me while I was fighting leftist dissenters online on various subjects where my position was extremely politically incorrect. I have been called every name from "A" to "Z" you can imagine, but only by cowards who refuse to identify themselves and demonstrate they belong to the lib looniebin crowd. There is always a price to pay for telling the truth and I willingly pay it.

"Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains."

Always Edward

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