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September 16, 2018


I have heard the cauterwauling and staging by pompous fools on the political left about banning handguns and assault rifles. The flow of verbal diahrea from such treacherous tramps and dizzy demagogues as Tory, Negro leaders, and kooky Cukier clutter the airwaves as their mental midgeted sourced comments continue to pollute the truth and add hoplophobia, lies and la la land lectures to the flow of sewage laden media propaganda tainting the land and threatening the freedom of the people once again.

In all the scatterbrained musings from the leftist peanut gallery, emanates the pride and arrogance of fools, liars and bigots who proclaim they know better than the rest of us and who scream at the top of their intolerant lungs that their knowledge and wisdom is vaster than the lessons of history. Yet I hear no talk of the cost involved of remunerating the citizenry for their private property that is slated for theft by a fascist leftist system populated by morons and liars who think the public will abide their illegal, immoral and unconstitutional hammer and sickle proclamations.

Standing on the bodies of innocent murdered men, women and children, to tout their gun banning bigotry and assininity is a stench in the nostrils of all that is good, and a copy of the despicable dumbocrappers south of our border who also, supported by the liars and whores of the media, seek to sow propagandic lies into the minds of the people. Let history show the truth that every nation with a tyrant and murderer at the helm, imposed firearm registration and banning/seizure. That will be true of the latest nations Australia, New Zealand and Britain, if you give them time. Already Britain is imposing thought police and fascist regulations on the population.

For me, I would refuse to allow any theft of my property either by masked criminals or entity system figureheads with badges and sidearms. Whether theft is imposed by a jackass in Ottawa or an asswipe from Toronto doing double duty as a politician, it is still illegal, immoral and a violation of the religions of many people.

I own two prohibited handguns, and even if I agreed to surrender them, the cost would be two thousand dollars for both. There is a fight brewing here and the cause will be a regulation imposed by fascists that legalizes theft thus setting off a firestorm of rebellion.

I had relatives in the last two great wars who shot far better people than most leaders present of the NDP, LPC, and LPO, not to mention the likes of the fascist CHRC, High River RCMP, and the throng of gimpy goofball hoplophobes that populate the nation. There are around ten million firearms in Canada and with a net average worth of $500.00 each, the math equates to a value of $5,000,000,000 if my math is correct.

So Justie, you little puke, where will that money come from if everyone will surrender their Sovereign rights to a corrupt, fascist pos like you and your congo line of damned fools in your corrupt inept administration backed by vagina suited leftist cracker feminazis whose fake role as defenders of women has stuttered to a stop in the face of the current politically correct insanity of importing turd world shithole denizens who are accomplished rapists of non moslem women and girls, murderers participating in dishonor stonings and murders of innocent rape victims, and terrorist attacks on innocent people?

Life is exciting for sure, and shortly we will see who has the most bearshit and buckwheat. I doubt any good ole boys will surrender their guns even with compensation but if insanity prevails and the fascist bigoted bastard who has already proven he is that and more by discriminating against pro life people and Christians, decides to take on another group who I doubt are docile and accommodating to theft, then I predict there will be wholesale civil disobedience among law abiding people. Or worse.

I would be remiss to state that I have already heard people of all ages speak about assassination of specific people who pose a threat comparable to many tyrants in history who first disarmed the population by immoral regulations like the lying bastard in Ottawa is hinting at.

Once again, I remind freedom loving people that the enemy is not law enforcement but rather the cowards wearing dirty underwear and planning their treachery behind close doors protected ironically by armed guards. Specific names I have heard mentioned likened to Adolph, Stalin, and Mao are recognizable as hoplophobic political hacks in high places.

Do not forget, any of you fools, who voted a Castro loving fascist bastard into power, this is all on your plate.

Even the most militant pro freedom warrior would not be inclined to waste the price of a bullet on useless trash/refuse like the above named, swollen and repugnant in their existence of mass maggotry, touting their lies, with their hypocrisy on full display to the masses.

Tell you what Justie, you and your congo line of lying losers and bigots, need to set the example first by really casting off your hypocrisy, in no less a gesture than having your bodyguards and those of the other maggots in your existence whose slime covered existence is an insult to good people, surrendering their guns and replacing them with stale baggels which can be thrown at anyone intent on killing any of you. If you refuse to take the same medicine as you are pitching to us, nobody is going to obey your illegal anti freedom bs regulations.

I dedicate to you, in French, from Voltaire, an 18th century philosopher and atheist, the words, applicable to your, your sad inept administration, and every damned fool who voted for you or the batty NDP, 'Le sens commune, n'est ci pas commune". (Common sense is not so common.)

Your stupid program of considered handgun banning can go to bloody hell. If you really want to solve the murder problem, stop importing moslems and turd world trash who are the real problem.

Yours for truth,

Edward Kennedy

By clicking here you can email me directly, about ANYTHING you read on my site.

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