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Comments on equality & justice.... by Edward Kennedy & like minded individuals

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October 31, 2016


The individual who I understand is your uncle, Rev Reid Slack, gets the soft touch by you, though children of this minister you describe and their evil sins against you and others, had to have been influenced by their father. Why are you so favorable towards him? Why would he not be a negative factor? Why does he not get the scorn and anger you have for the others?

In my life, I noted and believe that he was a victim of his wife, and especially his mother in law, as well as his sister in law Doris. He had a terrible life in his earlier years and suffered much emotional pain not of his doing. For sure he had some nuances and you are probably correct in that his not so good dealings with others in the financial sense were unacceptable and I expect he was carried along in the plans to defraud myself and others set by Doris Kennedy and Eleanor Kennedy Slack. I will admit I am not hard on him perhaps because he was amusing to me.

I well recall the day Percy told me that he had loaned some money to Reid and he was not having any luck in getting it back. This puzzled me because I wonder why Doris had not been the one to loan him money as her "criminal in cooperation" sister Eleanor would have been affected by this transaction. In fact, Percy told Doris everything though the reverse was not true in my opinion. Doris was a paranoid controlling immature hypocrite and sneak who Percy made the error of thinking she was trustworthy.

Percy told me that he had decided to tap Reid to work the debt off and some months later, complained to me that his directions to Reid on what to do relative to the work elicited a response from Reid that he was going home if Percy persisted in his bossiness. I had a hard time not laughing because Percy was difficult to please and in every task he did not care how it was done, as long as the worker did it Percy's way. I can well imagine Percy bird dogging Reid so I must say Percy surely had a hand in the dispute. He was a loser two ways, first his toxic and betraying sister Doris surely had dodged loaning "her" money to Reid and secondly, Percy suffered a loss unless he was repaid for his loan to Reid.

Percy also told me that on a trip to North Bay, he saw a fresh coon on the side of the road and stopped to see if the fur was in good condition. Finding it a car impact kill with no cuts, he placed the coon in the back. Entering the truck, he was assailed by Reid that since Reid was accompanying him, that he merited half of the profits from the fur value. hmmm

Regardless, I am sympathetic towards an individual with a tragic background, who on the rebound from a failed engagement, had the bad luck to have met the toxic and criminal Eleanor and worse, married her.

It was Sharleen who said that "my father was a terrible man." Funny that, when she herself is a fraud, thief, sneak, liar, ingrate and a lot of other things I will keep under my hat for now, as are her sister Beth and brother Mendel who in their perfidity, greatly surpassed their unfortunate father.

I maintain the evil and toxicity, uncharitable character and even criminal mindset Charles Ball passed on to his daughter Minnie Gladys Ball, was then passed on by example to her daughters, Doris and Eleanor, who in turn have passed their nefarious and toxic ways and personna to the Slack children. The results are clear, and the lot of them so corrupt, evil, greedy, selfish and despicable that the meanest junkyard dog would not piss on the best part of any of them.

While I have been told by others aware of things that I should piss on the graves of Eleanor and Doris, the fault I see in such an action would be the supreme waste of good urine.

Much more to come, including proof of the controlling personna of Minnie Gladys Ball and her dimwit daughter Doris.

Edward Kennedy

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