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AOctober 23, 2019


After putting together the jigsaw puzzle over decades about the dishonesty, justification for sinning against dozens of people mostly related, fraud, lies and criminality etc, I am ready to present the bits and pieces of many others interspersed in my time as a boy working there doing a man's load of work. I am advised I have been in error due to my omission of slave labor unknown to my parents and not agreed to by their terms of me staying there.

I will also draw into the mix the malignant laziness, physical child abuse, and cowardly sub human mistreatment I received from another of the Ball relatives of Minnie Gladys Ball to which she tolerated.

After this whole section is finished I will be filing it and seeing legal council for their opinions on the matter relative to legal action against the named Slack individuals who I assert took part in this act of criminality with Doris Kennedy, Eleanor Kennedy and other unnamed individuals at this time.

I will be adding the extra years I was virtually enslaved as a boy and the monetary recompense I was defrauded of by same.

Long shot? I do not think so, nor do others more schooled in the legal field than I.

I have just come off a six digit lawsuit settlement with an insurance company taking three years and a previous battle decades ago with the FSCO, an international union and an unknown legal entity in the mix that took 11 years.

It matters not who stands against you, only that you have Truth on your side. I have never lost any battles with the corrupt CYSTem, I undertook against all odds and won.

I do not expect this one to be any different. It might be a good time for the other side to consult with a lawyer themselves.


Edward Kennedy

By clicking here you can email me directly, about ANYTHING you read on my site.

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