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jackass award

November 28, 2019

People who are showing their ignorance.

So for sure the people who are showing their ignorance and hoplophobic hate bigot tendencies against firearm owners are proposing immoral, illegal and Stalinist regulations that do not help, but hinder solutions.

I refer all of these anti gun bigots to the award of Jackass of the Year, not just the day, for their leftist hate, stupid is forever mindset and hoplophobic gun banning tendencies. These are the real enemies of freedom and justice, who in their politically correct craziness ignore the real problem as gangs predominantly negro gangs.

This link tells the truth of the problem and it is NOT licenced firearm owners, nor Orientals, or Caucasians, it is mainly gangs predominantly negro ones. It is also liberal judges who refuse to impose punishments that would be appropriate deterrents for murder, pimping, human trafficking, violent crime and drug dealing.

The real problem are the politically correct and politically corrupt airheads who have less sense than a bean bag and corresponding IQ's to match.

Ban criminals, not firearms.

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