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I have been and am being criticized but more accurately counselled, by two people I have great admiration and cherishment for. It is a balanced view from both genders, the first from a woman who represents the best of her gender in every way. She told me this years ago, to tone down my speech patterns and address the subject matter without haranguing people. The second is a minister I have sat under for a few years who three weeks ago in a Bible study mentioned we can say things in a proper way without being rough. I might add an elder I talked to Sunday on this topic told me I have to be careful in being angry and entertaining hate.

It has finally been a matter I cannot ignore and I am going to say that scriptures are onside with all of them and offer counsel that was/is inherent in my knowledge of scriptures. There are many verses but I will use three that indict me.

Psalms 37:8 instructs one to cease from anger and wrath. Proverbs 14:17 states that dealing angrily is dealing foolishly. Colossians 3:8 commands one to get rid of anger, wrath, malice and a slew of other things frowned upon.

I thus have no choice but to modify these errors/sins in my existence. I will though offer Ephesians 4:26 that in fact state to be angry BUT SIN NOT. I am not making excuses for myself but offering that the scriptures clearly state God hates workers of iniquity and is angry every day with evil people.

Talk is always cheap, but conversation gives vent to character. In this struggle if you will, I have no option but to win. Failure is not acceptable in this situation. There will be a penalty I will set for myself that will insure I am giving the task an honest go.

I do not intend on losing, but if I do, I will oversee the elimination of this site. I have put that out there, and put myself behind the "eight" ball.

I have always said everything is a voyage, not a harbor. Marriage, love, all relationships, etc are a series of changes hopefully for the better, but they can be for the worst. I am pleased to have far better people than I in capacity as trusted friends who can and will and do provide constructive criticisms of me to improve me. My website manager will indeed be happy as he has chided me over some things I have said in the mix of our association that correlate as well with the three others I mentioned above.

Thus there will be a few changes, some sections will go and I expect new ones will be added, others will be used but toned down considerably. This is not about me reducing my passion nor about retreating from any positions I have taken, it is just about me being kinder and lower key in expressing my opinions.

I dedicate to this prurient topic a blurb accurate and true to myself and which I had already adopted a long time ago.

From Alexander Pope, in his "Essay on Criticism" I quote, "Whoever thinks a faultless piece to see thinks what ne'er was, nor is, nor e'rr shall be."

And do not forget, that certainly applies most to leftists, liberals, politically correct people, and of course religious hypocrites, the most of that latter group being dialectic secular humanists. Yes, it is a religion TAUGFHT IN SCHOOLS that proves those who want no religion taught are really being duplitious and want/teach their own corrupt and evil religion.

That was not so hard, I can still speak firmly and true though without rancor, and still in the mix stir the putrid pot of societal sophistry.

Many enemies will be watching closely for the opportunity to sound the alarm if I fail and see this site go down or the unavoidable personal labelling of me as a liar if I do not. To those I say do not commit suicide by holding your breath too long. I have some people I am using as models for my efforts...four ministers, five men, two women, and a child of eight years of age.



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