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November 16, 2019

Mike Bossi

I have been told a liberal politician boldly stated that target shooting is not a reason to possess a firearm.

Mike Bossi is the name of todays jackass, and he needs to be called a hoplophobe, a liar, a cracker politically correct kook and of course the jackass of the day.

Check this clown's record. There is nothing Bossi about him and I expect the spaces between his rotting teeth are filled with the pubic hairs of Justie, accumulated there from his ass kissing.

Check this moron with the IQ of a clothes pin on his voting record on "Sitting #244" on 4/12/2017 on vote 413, a motion to:

-condemn DAESH/ISIS

-condemn DAESH/ISIS as a danger to the pubic if they return to Canada

-direct the government to prosecute any returning DAESH/ISIS members that come back to Canada

-maintain that safety of the citizenry is a priority

The current jackass Bossi voted AGAINST this motion. In another act of ass kissing, he did what turdo told him in an ordered vote. In addition ALL the NDP, ALL the Bloc, ALL the Greens and everyone with the exception of CPC MP's voted against this motion.

Then this stupid waif dares to lecture a constituent that he has no right to own a firearm just to target shoot.

The truth is Mr. Jackass Bossi, you are a leftist loon danger to freedom and justice. There is no reason necessary to own a firearm. It is a Sovereign right bestowed on everyone as is the right to self defence and freedom of expression I exercise here in your case, you jackass!

Even if I did no hunt, if I was not a collector, if I did not target shoot, I would still be entitled to buy and possess firearms.

And you, in the role of the Stalinist stooge, lost re-election because of your Stalinist anti freedom position on firearms. I suggest you make like the birds and flock off and like another "lieberal" loon in politics who dared not knock on my door, you would be ill advised to set foot on my property.

There is no room here for gun grabbing anti freedom jackass liars like you!

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