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November 11, 2019

Laurel Broten

Laurel Broten was a liberal loon JACKASS in the ASSministrations of Dulton McGuilty the criminal, and Wynniebag the wynniehag pervert pushing liar seeking to recruit children into the deathstyle of the homosexual.

This JACKASS exposed herself as a fool years ago by making reference in a disapproving manner to the monies earned by the medical profession, explicitly doctors and for this I hereby recognize her as a JACKASS unequalled to date as a hypocrite and gyrprocratic (totally screwed in the head hypocrite) minion of the New Age Inquisitors.

To be true, her record of achievement is non existent as just another damned fool in an ASSministration of total JACKASSES who were not worth even a smidgen of what they were paid as political hacks. She should have been drawing attention to the army of leftist fake teachers who have generally been, with few exception, underworked and overpaid hypoframics (moron dollardic tools) of the left, specifically the liars and criminals of the LPC and the LPO, as I see it in their role as campaigners and stooges working gratis and even on the taxpayer dime to advance the liars of the leftist liberal political hacks, of which she was and is one.

Now I dare say that this witch was really the one overpaid in her elected capacity, being of an IQ just a tad higher than that of a garden spade, with nothing to contribute in her actions as a proven liability to humanity.

In her final role, appointed to examine the tax situation, she managed to not change her diapers between the time she first started her investigations on how to steal more money from the taxpayer to the time she concluded her stint on the project.

To be sure though, her bigoted anti taxpayer actions resulted in recommendations that included:

- elimination of refundable tax credits
-elimination of tax rebates for seniors
-a carbon tax
-expanded DST (damned sales tax) on diapers, books, childrens' clothes, and female hygienic items
-elimination of the volunteer fire fighters tax credit

Even though this is standard fodder of the bigots and liars of the LPC and LPO, fools continue to vote for these klelipists(stodgy liars and greedy trough feeders)

Many refer to her as a bitch, which I hesitate to use, as she is not good enough to qualify for the title but I will say she made a complete JACKASS of herself in her recommendations. Worse than that, this pig at the public trough is yet another useless fake politician who embraces the politically correct kookiness of all the other pc droids.

Yet, her trademark embrace of idiocy came when she questioned the income of doctors. Now quite unlike useless pos like Broten, doctors perform a necessary and beneficial service of saving lives and this witch was way out in left field to dare be critical of them. In fact, the medical service providers who mop hospital floors, bed bath patients, and even assist in the personal hygiene of patients in the area of "derriere" wiping are FAR ABOVE JACKASSES like Broten, the mouthpiece of spurious specificalious(absurd lies and mutterings) sputtering and splathering befitting a teachers' union leader with a lobotomy. Broten adds nothing to any equated semblance of use or sanity, to the real world and is a net liability, with less sense than God gave a billygoat.

Actually doctors are way above the sports stars who think themselves legends in their own minds who shoot baskets, throw a pigskin, or participate in the other areas of sports that people pay a fortune to observe. If I want to watch something more useful that teaches a stern lesson in life, I can always watch the stages of decay represented by any of the dead crows shot in my backyard from their demise caused by lead poisoning, through the stages of massive maggot populations consuming the carcass, through to the final devouring of feather roots. This always reminds me of a LPC gathering with an identified leader king maggot swollen grotesquely on the excesses of his pork barrelling.

The real reason, after this minor masterpiece of meandering commentary on Broten, comes to the objective end, with my report on her final paydays of $225,000 a year in capacity as a halfwit useful idiot.

You can go to Wiki and read the identification of this payday and validate a few other facts mentioned herein.

She is a scum, a useful idiot that is worth less than ten percent of her recompense working at the minimum wage, as are most of the LPO and LPC political hacks and JACKASSES who make the state of affairs worse instead of better.

Sub human useful idiots like Broten et al are little more than liabilities, and as to liberal politicians and hacks, it is true as stated by Scott Orville Bergren, "Marke it welle: There are flowers and there are weeds - But mostly weeds."

If you want to see these liars and enemies of all that is good scurry like cockroaches, just shine the light of Truth on the bastards, it works every time but still does not affect the stooges and morons who vote liberal in every election. Pity that stupidity is not a crime.

"Freedom and justice at any and all cost, but start with exercising your freedom of expression and damn the consequences." (Edward Kennedy 2019)

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