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Freedom, and justice are vanishing entities in our province and our nation.

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These three verses pose a serious problem.

Genesis 5:2
Genesis 1:27
Mark 10:6

These three verses pose a serious problem, in fact, a BAR to the outrageous and even insane attacks by the newest movement of leftist confusion that started as the homosexual movement and added to the mix, transgenderism and an aura of fake sexual pseudo identities under the banner of what I call the MFS. (multi fake sexuality)

I have been warned that these people in their state of activism are the most malicious, hateful, bigoted, child abusing miscreants ever and looking around at the persecution of those whose right to freedom of religion and belief have been attacked by the CYSTem and these head cases, I am inclined to believe that they are the most recent resurrection of confusion since the negro population bought into the lie that liberal political leftist parties are friends of black people. The exact opposite of course is the real truth. If one for example looks at the history past and recent of the demoncrapper party in the USA, one can see that leftist parties are the biggest enemy of minorities so called. This charade of leftist party liars is further insult to the minority people by the reality they see them as mere pawns to be used for their greed for power. To say that liberals/leftists respect minorities is to tell the biggest lie since we were told Justie the jerk would be good for Canuckistan.

If someone feels an inclination to be homosexual, or transgender, or whatever one of the fake sexual groups are in existence today, I recognize that as it being their right, even given by God, to make their own free moral choices on this score. I do not and will not hate you for your choices on such matters, in fact, some of my closest and most admired/loved friends are atheists and agnostics.

Yet, if you want to enter your confused sexual identity in malicious opposition to my moral decisions/life, and insist you have a right to deny me or anyone our own RIGHT AND FREEDOM to make our and our childrens' moral decisions, then you have identified yourselves as hypocrites, enemies of freedom, and even enemies of God who in the three scriptural references above clearly define His plan for His choice of exclusive heterosexuality. To be blunt, I am waiting for the day when some stupid leftist stalinist bigot attempts to use the system, as the liar and kook Noman Clohosy has tried to, as a way to impinge on my rights to freedom within the Sovereign law, to have my own opinions and live unfettered from the evil, and even insane choices of the left which also insists the rest of us must drink the tainted kool aid of politically correct kookiness.

Specific buraucratic criminals, political hacks, and fake religious kooks have also lied and been exposed as such in failed attempts to impose their vile machinations on me, dishonestly, illegally and immorally. I tolerated none of it, and will continue to live that way unhesitatingly defending myself in such instances. The real truth is that all one has to do is delve into the history of these cowardly enemies of freedom and justice to find all and more info necessary to expose these miscreants for what they are.

I believe according to the scriptures that are true, God ordained heterosexuality as the one and only sexual identity, leading to fulfillment and happiness in the lives of people. I will fight for and defend that right until the day I die with one exception. If anyone wants me to deny scriptures, and trash the Ten Commandments, as well as my views and freedoms on this or ANY other topic I use the Holy Bible as instruction on, all to accept/accommodate their leftist views, I reserve the right to then act in a manner opposite to that mandated by scripture in part or whole, TOWARDS THAT INDIVIDUAL. That would mean I would be free to murder, steal from, lie to, or otherwise do unto that person as I see fit unconstrained by the scriptures. Would that be fine with them?

But, you say, the legal system in most nations forbids murder, rape, theft, etc. Really? But not in moslem nations or place in Africa. Here in Canada, the CYSTem also allows euthanasia, torture and murder of innocent unborn children, bigotry and malicious persecution by the damned CHRC, political graft and treason, and is currently under the directive of the LPC, seeking the legalization of sharia law to enable and legalize stoning of innocent rape victims, murder for little girls by cowardly male moslems under the guise of dishonor, physical butchery called female genital mutilation, polygamy, necrophilia, and other evils!

Any takers for my offer? If not, then do not tread on me!!! Some people/groups are so damned stupid they do not see they might be sore displeased if they got what they asked for. You do not pick and choose from the Holy Bible, you take it in whole, or not at all. It is hated of course by the left because it is a Writing that focuses on the best interests of society/people and their freedoms/rights as a whole and as we all know, leftist/politically correct kooks are selfish, arrogant and criminal, demanding the rest of us bow to their sacred creed of political correctness that stands against, freedom, justice and the greater good.

One more thing!!! Why is it that homo-stalinist-activist-leftists seek out Christian bakers and printers with the intent to use the CYSTem to maliciously harass, persecute and financially penalize them for living their Christian beliefs? There are lots of bakers and printers who would accommodate homosexuals in their wishes. WHY DO NOT THESE COWARDLY KOOKS GO ASK A MOSLEM BAKER OR PRINTER TO MAKE THEM A WEDDING CAKE OR PRINT WEDDING INVITATIONS? It is because they are the real bigots, intolerant Stalinists, haters, and cowards.

Let God be true and every man a liar!

Always the truth,


By clicking here you can email me directly, about ANYTHING you read on my site.

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