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Such violent crimes.
November 22, 2018

Such violent crimes are often blacked out when they involve so called minorities. I found this recently. Note none of the rapists/murderers were Caucasian and some had raped and murdered before. Justie is a danger to the people as he is a proven bigot, tyrant and dictatorial criminal, imposing his twisted and anti freedom views on the nation.

I wonder if the damned fools who have in many cities in Canada imposed illegal alien sanctuary city status are aware their criminal actions will make them complicit in such criminal behavior perpetrated by illegal aliens.

The nation needs the death penalty back and the damned fools who were responsible for removing it are guilty of eliminating the deterrent effect of the reality one will die for violent crimes.

A nation of morons have elected a fool and liar as leader. The consequences of their stupidity will affect everyone in Canada.



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