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NOVEMBER 19, 2018


Every once in awhile I drift into this mood right out of the blue when something burrows deep into my being and cuts like a knife into an empathetical side of me that many are surprised at. Just because a rock face is cold and hard, does not mean that it does not feel the warmth of the sun as well as the bitter cold.

In a quiet moment recently, my thoughts carried me back to the time Dottie West became a star decades ago. Three other notable performers of country music namely Waylon Jennings, George Jones and Tammy Wynette were solid performers whose repertoire of recorded songs would occasionally include a song/songs which clearly were written and recorded with immense personal emotion so strong that in my case, hearing such would sweep over and through me, at times creating sorrow of a magnitude that had the capacity, and did make a grown man cry.

Dottie west recorded a song titled, "Six weeks Every Summer, Christmas every Other Year." It was not a reference merely to her divorce but also to the reality of her being on the road as well apart from her little girl Shelley who she was separated from often.

Is there anything stronger than a mother's love? No. That being so, the depth of sorrow I am sure Dottie felt being away from her daughter must have cut her to the quick. It is apparent in the song the way her hurt did flow from her inner spirit coating each word with gilded sorrow pure as gold. Her very being was in her performance every time she sang it.

I felt it and feel it every time I hear that song and if anyone else is attuned to that woman, long gone, and has ever had regrets over being apart from a child/children even through necessity, and missed key interaction as the child grew up, they will feel it also.

Here is the link to that song I refer to.

Always Edward


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