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This section is all about Islam and I have coined the title from individuals who I have heard referring in criticism to it as THE RELIGION OF PIECES. Many who are ignorant as to the past, present, and prophesied future of Islam by it's leaders and foolish politically correct crackers lie when they call it "religion of peace." I wonder where these damned fools get off describing it as peaceful when the history of this beast is characterized ONLY by violence up to and including the present. THAT IS THE TRUTH, CHECK HISTORY OF ISLAM FOR THE FACTS!

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So the title refers to the religion of pieces as in pieces of feet, hands, heads, etc that this beast, peopled by what ignorant fools refer to as moderates and extremists, the latter of which fittingly prove the title as applicable.

The truth is that there are NO MODERATES in this damned religion from hell! Every muslim embraces the kooky koran which instructs lying to the unbelievers to gain advantage, counsels the subjugation, rape, enslavement and murder of non believers, and the cruel, abusive mistreatment of the fairer gender. It is truly a religion from hell! So called moderates are but sleepers who can be counted on to enable the extremists and also vote for sharia law and other muslim objectives when their numbers reach the point where they can democratically elect their own people and take over nations by use of the present system of democracy. To be a muslim is to support the lies and violence of the kooky koran.

For the record, ALL MUSLIMS AND ALL RELIGIONISTS/FOOLS who deny that the only Way to Salvation is through Jesus Christ are liars, even damned liars! I WILL DIE BEFORE I WILL SAY OTHERWISE! Unlike muslim trash cowards, liars and terrorists though, I do not and will not murder, torture, rape, enslave others who disagree with my belief system. ALL MUSLIMS are enemies of freedom, justice and God! The only sane and safe policy is to BAN all muslim immigration to western nations and deport ANY of them who are here, especially people like the Khadrs and their terrorist/activist thugs.

To the damned religious fools who import and support these enemies of all thta is good, you are fools as such an action is contrary to scriptures and God!

Muslims openly brag when elected to political office that they will someday take over the nation using the democratical system of the unbelievers. I dare anyone who questions this to go online for actual speeches of muslim politicians!

I have been warned as one of the few who openly criticize the religion of pieces, that my actions will cause me to be murdered by the intolerant bigots of islam, and that there even exist muslim organizations which use vexatious litigation to silence it's criticizers who tell the truth about the horrors, filth, and hellish origins of the abomination. Proof is plenty that many of these organizations are poepled and led by muslims with a background/tie to terrorism. My position has always been come hell or high water to state the Truth, unabashedly and without regard to the imbecilic reactions of the herd, especially the lefturd loonies in the damned system who have tried on three separate occasions to silence me by use of enofrcement agencies in failed attempts to silence me. I will be silenced only when I am dead. In fact, the problem here is the lefturd lieberal cracker loonie whose insanity they try to impose on the rest of us. Examples of this are the ovomit Jew hater, bigot, liar and muslim loving criminal, wynnebag the homofascist, and of course turdo the damned boy man grade 4 drama teacher who bigger fools elected to office!

I am a firm believer in God given rights that allow anyone to use violence/lethal force to protect myself and others in the face of thugs who would visit the same on me. I will not hesitate to use lethal force up to and including the killing of any threat to my safety and my right to exist, and practice freedom of expression and ensure my security of the person. I care not about the politically correct pathetic limp wristed cracker herd members who are abhorred by this, after all, I am currently in favor of the death penalty to be applied to murderers, serial rapists, drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists, and other types who do NOT deserve life. The tired bs argument that an innocent person might be executed is a lieberal fallacy and excuse to coddle the criminal. There is no reason for this to happen what with DNA evidence, eye witnesses to crime, electronic surveillance, and confessions of thugs. In any case of doubt as to culpability, the indicted/accused must be freed. That entirely eliminates the possibility of anyone innocent being executed. THERE IS NO DAMNED EXCUSE THE LIEBERAL CRIMINAL CODDLERS CAN USE TO JUSTIFY THE WASTING OF RESOURCES IN TRYING GUILTY THUGS AND THEN IMPRISONING THEM. The bs process of appeals must also be dumped. Is there anyone who would doubt the guilt of Carla Homulka, Clifford Olsen who has deceased, Paul Bernardo, etc? The answer is not and these people needed/need to be executed!

For the record, I will unhesitatingly kill anyone who seeks to kill me, and will use ANY means at hand including piker, rifle, shotgun, handgun, ax, club, etc as is MY RIGHT and anyone else's.

This section is not for the squeamish or the lefturd politically correct denier of reality. If you do not want the Truth, then do not read what is here and will follow. If you do not like my use of facts to disprove politically correct tripe and excuses for trash, and want to silence me, then my message to such fascist garbage is to make like the birds and flock off.


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