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Comments on equality & justice.... by Edward Kennedy & like minded individuals


May 22, 2017

I understand your vocabulary .

I know of a very few good men, who have brass, bravery and excellence of character. All of them are self acknowledged as better men than I.

The four worded quote above was delivered in person by one of these rare individuals a few hours ago and was in reference to the explanation in my vocabulary section relative to my use and differentiation between the two separate and completely different applications of niggers and negroes. Yet, in spite of the clarity of explanation, despite the fact that crap/rap singers and others use "nigger" to label (libel) good people of color, the left ALWAYS refuses to do anything honest and instead deny the obvious, lying to label(libel) people like myself as "racist" when in fact, the left are the racists/bigots/haters and fascists, who choose to demand others follow their politically correct pathetic pedantic fascism, while persecuting ANYONE for even having an alternate opinion from their "no value" value system of destructive, evil dialectic secular humanism, better known as political correctness.

I have had two provincial bureaucratic agencies, both fascist in nature, attempt to silence me by lies, smears and their abuse/disrespectful use of enforcement agencies as patsies, to intimidate me anonymously like the cowards they be. That tactic is also calculated to divert attention from the malignancies within such organizations. Did not and will not work.

I will not be silenced, and if any asinine agency with their members wetting their pants over thoughts of taking me down, decide to be fools, I will welcome the opportunity to expose any and all associated with the specific agency, especially the liars, cowards, criminals, and enemies of freedom and justice, the CHRC. The first agency was investigated on my behalf by one proficient in computer use and the second one now, with yet some unnamed personnel, is under the microscope as well with a focus on three individuals. Unlike the first agency that chose to attempt to prove me as violent, they ended up after an investigation by two individuals, one a senior officer and the other a woman who did not know of me and was recruited in capacity as an impartial investigator, with a problem unanticipated. The conclusion? The words from one, agreed upon by the other, were "This guy is passionate and strong, has done his homework, but is not a violent man. This matter is an MOE problem, not a police problem."

Enforcement agencies realize the leftist tactic of attempting to smear, defame, and label(libel) their opponents as violent, are aware of being used to silence dissenters. Thus the la la land existence of useless overpaid and underworked libbie loon politically correct crazies of the CHRC failed miserably, making the CHRC look bad, and especially their SS "Noman Clohosy" who has yet to accept my offer to meet with me at a local detachment and go one on one verbally with an officer present, recorded visually and verbally, or the alternate scenario of being locked in the same cell with me for an hour alone. Either/or both would be fine with me, though I would first ask that "Noman" have his pants pulled down to see what gender he is.

Life is exciting, and as I continue in the fall of my life, I expect to raise h___ with more than a few enemies of freedom and justice, in the corrupt system.

Lies, dishonesty, plotting evil, and corruption is the hallmark of more than a few of the existing bureaucracies that need to be exposed and punished, as well as the pork barreling and blatant bigotry practiced by many of them.

My weapon solely is "Truth, ever lovely since the world began, the foe of tyrants and the friend of man."

The "other" side has naught but the scum covering of sewage that functions as the epitome of their evil, vile, hateful character, that qualifies them for the manure pile and the maggots that feast on the rotting flesh of the politically correct beast.

Nuff said.

Always Edward


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