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jackass award

May 1, 2020

Fake Judge Orrick.

Fake Judge Orrick is as suspected, an ovomit appointee and to see even such a cracker cowardly kook criminal pocs like him rule as he did, requires he receive a new recognition. I therefore award this pocs the Cockroach of the Year award.

What can one expect from a shithead fake bigoted babyaphobe bastard like Orrick, appointed by a nigger fake leader, in the shithole state of Mexifornia, when all the stars point to corruption, ineptitude, bigotry against innocent unborn babies and criminality under the auspices of a fake law that legalizes torture and murder of innocent unborn babies?

So how does a criminal organization like PP who have and are committing a crime by selling unborn baby parts to the highest bidder and are exposed by the good guys, suddenly find things reversed in their favor. The key word here is criminality and I doubt there is any junkyard dog in the nation who would piss on the best part of this SCS (shrivelled cockroach shit).

So what is next? Your guess is as good as mine.

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