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MAY 15, 2019


Some people wonder out loud how I could ever be happy when I am focused on things of a negative import. Yet I expect I enjoy life as much or more as the richest man ever, with my focus on the many cherishable persons/things all around me.

This morning I was parked in a well to do area I certainly could not afford to live in. I was outside an address looking at a list of things I had to do when a little girl no more than 5 came running by me, pony tail flopping up and down and focused on the school bus coming down the road.

She was so cute, and personable, and since her mother came by after her a short while later, with another of her young daughters and carrying a baby, it was convenient for me to tell her the pony tail little girl of hers was adorable, to which she thanked me and engaged in a conversation of some 20 minutes. She thanked me and I thanked her for having such a cute little girl, and she pointed out I was just like her father relative to cherishment of his grand daughter. That of course opened me up to the mention of my own grandchildren, and to my assertion that it is my belief the only things we have in this temporal existence are health and relationships. Nobody has of yet disagreed.

I also have what I term select members of the fairer gender I do work for and I refer to those very rare women whose aura is felt instinctively and spiritually in its strength of immense affection, femininity and warmth. I also have women of immense intelligence I do work for, far beyond what I have. In these two areas I am in abject awe of these gals of the fairer gender.

"So where does all your hate come from?" I have learned a lot from scriptures in their lessons and wisdom. I have learned love for something/someone cannot exist without hate. For example, I cherish little children, babies, women of exquisite mannerisms, intelligence, and inner beauty. To love them is to of necessity despise those "isms" and entities that would destroy them be they terrorists, human traffickers, drug dealers, murderers, etc That is where my burning hatred comes from, out of love. If I did not love and cherish, I could not and would not hate, for there would be nobody or nothing that posed a threat to the well being of what and who I love.

What about God? God is love! No He is not, He is love with an equally measured value of justice and hate. That is scriptural. He is forgiving to those who seek Him and accept Him and merciful to those who do not but there comes a time when HE will leave you to your sins if you choose them over Him and His ways. God has destroyed many in anger and wrath and His Son Jesus will do the same to the unrepentant and the workers of iniquity according to Revelation. Ananias and Saphira were killed because they lied to the Holy Spirt,based on their greed and love of the damned dollar.

Can anyone can tell me how God can love martyrs for Him so much that He has them under the throne and talks with them constantly, without hating those who murdered them? Scriptures say that these people are asking when will they be avenged and God tells them to be patient. He will pay back recompense of no easy measure.

There are those who will say this is all a story, a fairly tale, and will not happen. How does that jive with the many prophecies uttered in the scriptures that have ALL come to pass?

I believe the Holy Bible beginning to ending and fear there are many who have died and seen the reality of an afterlife when it was too late to repent. Call me a coward but I will not take the chance in case the scriptures are right. Yet, I know they are true, God is real, and death is but the process one is ushered in to the spiritual dimension. Even if the Holy Bible did not exist, there are too many former atheists and agnostics who are professionals in the medical field who have see with their own eyes proof of what they previously did not believe in.

These people converted, and if they were convinced without scriptures by what they say with their own eyes and felt in their own spirits, I am over the top in being sold on the whole matter. But like all, it is each person's choice and that is how it is.

Always Edward

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