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MAY 17, 2018


Information continues to come in a bit at a time that I have to sort through but I had some recently that came from a reliable source who had dealings with Doris. The always suspicious and paranoid Doris seemed to have the idea everyone was out to swindle her. Her stupidity was the only thing that surpassed her paranoia.

She was paid a sum of money in cash for something she sold and started after a short period of time to accuse the individuals who had paid her in cash, of not only not paying her but of stealing some other party.

Of course she told me about this and knowing the people involved, I was skeptical. A short time later she found it in a drawer where she had hidden it. Now nobody is perfect and people make mistakes BUT she did not call and apologize and tell those like myself she was at fault, and the people accused were in fact innocent.

Just like her and her sibblings without exception. An individual who had known her all her miserable and dysfunctional sneaky toxic existence told me that she NEVER admitted fault. In fact, her and Eleanor, the two worst, were deniers, projectors and damned fools. They claimed when they were even young girls that they had the best rag dolls in the whole province.

There was another incident repeated to me by another exemplary individual about the people who would come to help her when she was living at home before going into the care of the Clow retirement home where she was well looked after.

One day a woman well along the way to childbirth, came to do some things for her but apparently there was nothing to do. It was a hot day but Doris could not let an opportunity to get some free work from someone. In my opinion, what she did was an act of gross selfishness, inconsideration and criminality. She put the woman outside in the hot sun to scrub the sides of the house. Now I have never known anyone to do this and I never saw Doris herself do this but she saw fit to physically abuse a pregnant woman doing difficult work near the end of her pregnancy. That created immense disrespect towards Doris from me. She was a selfish, lying, religious hypocrite above all else, twisted mentally as well as emotionally.

I cannot sufficiently express my disgust and enmity towards her, Eleanor, and the Slacks as they are all cut from the same cloth, well proven by their acts of criminality and denial, projection and selfishness, just like their mother and aunt.

I have other info but cannot guarantee the veracity of it so I have to censor it. This is going to be a chronic matter until the very end as people send me bits and pieces of info to consider for posting here. There are some people I want to visit with a wealth of knowledge on the matter based on their observations and experiences during their lives.

The truth always surfaces and destroys those who are the enemies of justice and freedom. In the meantime, I would challenge the Slacks to band together and sue me for defamation. I would love the opportunity to really go to town on this matter in the court system which is why it will never happen as they well know I have a strong case and case law. They are not that stupid but they are sure cheap, stingy and criminal.


Edward Kennedy

By clicking here you can email me directly, about ANYTHING you read on my site.

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