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May 15, 2017

Women of color were cheated financially by recording companies.

I recently overhead a conversation whose participants were alleging that the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties women singers, especially women of color were cheated financially by recording companies.

omparatively speaking, those singing groups, consisting of black women, may well have been underpaid, certainly to performers of today, but were talented miles ahead of present day rock singers of all races who have followed in their dust, with their raucous crap rap noise, best described as an assault on the ears of anyone unfortunate enough to hear it.

The music world claims it has advanced, with better talent and singers, but I do not believe that for a moment. Some may say that I am wrong, an old foggie living in the past, refusing to embrace the present. That is true about a lot of things...I do not embrace the politically correct pathetic pedantry that is corrupt nor do I embrace the new morality, or the dialectic secular "no value" value system.

So where is my proof of my declaration about the excellence of black female singing groups of the past?

Well here is exhibit one. These women knew how to harmonize background vocals with those of the lead singer, and even their movements were calculated to add to the overall quality of the song without being cheap or obscene. The lead singer, Ronnie, is a cute and personable gal.

That, by the Ronettes, from the early 1960's was companioned by this next group of teen black singers called the Shirelles. Note the clear sharp tone of the lead singer, who like the background singers, was still in her teens. Note the harmonizing vocals that compliment the song, the rhythm, and the flow. Some may find the actions immature but they are far superior than the cheap obscene movements of many female singers that followed.

This group, in fact both of them, knew how to dress decently and in fact, are feminine and far more decent, respectable and prettier than the cheap slutty likes of trollops like Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, etc

So how about another group with a different, but still entertaining sound and presentation. The Chantels came out in 1958 with "Maybe," a song in this link.

Once again, these gals know how to sing, and to dress decently, and harmonize, putting to shame many of the present day female performers who do not have enough skin to make a toe warmer for any of these gals.

I will stop there, but there were other black female groups like the Chiffons, (One Fine Day), the Toys, (Lovers Concerto), etc

Perhaps those were better times before the wave of filth, immorality, baby murdering, homosexual perversion, etc hit and dragged down nations in the destructive wake of politically correct fascism.

I do assert though that these young women of color were and are superior to much, if not all that has come after their time, and still lives in the minds of those who were privileged to have lived during those times when music with good themes, and decent performers were key and a majority at the time.

These people have largely passed on, but I am one of many, silenced now by death, or the infirmities of old age, who has not, nor will ever forget those times and the people in entertainment who were to be respected for their talent and lifestyles, of all races. Much has changed since then and not at all for the better.

Always Edward


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