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March 22, 2017

The divide is caused by political correctness.

I am not at all surprised at the state of affairs relative to the divide between the genders, especially in the age category of young adults.

I have interacted with many straight white males in the last few years on my trips to the USA and with same at home.

The divide is caused by political correctness and the complaints I have fielded have come primarily from university and college age young males, whose common complaint is encompassed by the following comments:

The answer to the last question has been answered by the actions I see more and more men take by going to nations like the Philippines, China, Ukraine. South America, and USSR to find mates who have not embraced the insanity and destructiveness of political correctness. I have been talking to successful men coast to coast in Canada who like my take on things because it validates their own opinions that they keep to themselves for obvious reasons. I will focus on two in particular.

One from PEI talked to me for three years before giving up and going overseas to find a good woman. The top choice is Oriental women for obvious reasons, They are amenable, respectful, and generally reject politically correct craziness/insanity. In my opinion, the Oriental race is the superior race due to their propensity to not let the pc bug attack their brains and destroy their objectivity, their common sense, and their femininity. There is nothing more character ugly and repulsive than a politically correct person of either gender or race. That man is successful, an editor/writer, and what I would call a fine individual whowould be good to a woman in spite of his rejection of the politically correct mantra.

The other is six foot five tall, physically fit, and has the following qualifications:

Like the first individual mentioned, he has lots to offer but cannot find the "ideal" woman. Now, what is that? All he wants is an honest, sacrificial woman with integrity and honesty.

How about a woman who is intelligent, objective, affectionate, trustworthy, willing to sacrifice short term for long term gain, desires a family, has a good moral code, is healthy, non drinker and non smoker, amenable to scriptural precepts, outdoorsy, etc I am describing a woman near extinction that existed in large numbers sixty years ago.

Now one would think that the ranks of the fairer gender would not be lacking in the above description, but what is offered by these two men is rejected for various reasons. BOTH ARE FIREARM ENTHUSIASTS and we all know the self respecting politically correct woman of today would not be pleased to have a bf who owns firearms...or looks for sacrifice in a woman...and common sense.

These two are not the only ones in this classification I know and have met across North America.

The greatest danger to all that is good is this disease called political correctness which entails its embracers be hateful, bigotted, unreasonable, violent, intolerant and out and out bats__t crazy.

The last half of the last chapter of Proverbs has the description of the ideal woman. It would behove the politically correct fairer gender to read same with an eye to change, starting with the trashing and rejection of a religion, known as politically correctness that makes its female adherents ugly inside and out, and contributes only to their unhappiness.

Let God be true and every man a liar.


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