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Freedom, and justice are vanishing entities in our province and our nation.

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Why is it that Justie continues to demonstrate?

Why is it that... Justie has demonstrated arrogant bigotry, judgmentalism, hatred, avarice/malice and intolerance against Christian children whose precepts taught them are NOT violent, but at the same time, this hypocrite allows a death cult religion to embrace illegal, criminal and violent beliefs such as:

-kill all non moslems

-stone rape victims who have been attacked and sexually assaulted, as their punishment for being innocent victims

-murder in dishonor killings, little girls for wearing lipstick and/or other unacceptable actions by girls/women

-commiting female butchery by female genital mutilation

-throwing homosexuals off rooftops

The puke has also allowed 60 pedo moslem DAESH/ISIS murderers, rapists, torturers and human traffickers into Canuckistan, putting the people at risk.

This treasonous lying criminal bustard needs to be impeached for treason and sedition.


At the same time as this hypocritical criminal fake leader and tyrant preaches diversity(DIEversity), tolerance and inclusion, the little puke in 2018 tried to force CANADA SUMMMER JOBS applicants to sign an agreement/promise to support his babyaphobic perspectives on aborticide, an action that was one of many other actions he took in violation of the Charter. Typical asinine leftist lying liberal hypocrisy and bigotry.

A year later the little liar, coward and criminal imposed rules to disqualify non profit organizations not in line with his mental midget Castroitic mindset from receiving funds. The pos ignored the truth that these are taxpayer monies, not his.

What a snide new age inquisitorial lying little pos.

Maybe one of his brainless ASSministration or lacky members like Hussen, Holland or Gerretsen can respond to this legitimate question and unquestionable act of criminality and bigotry. By the way, who is his minister of injustice who allowed these acts of criminality and discrimination?

This is like the LPO when McSquinty and Wynniebag were in power committing all kinds of criminal acts and corruption and the Minister of Injustice, John Gerretsen did not a damned thing!

All this leads me to wonder who were stupid enough to vote for this diapered cockroach?


By clicking here you can email me directly, about ANYTHING you read on my site.

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