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MARCH 10, 2019

So you think law enforcement sit in donut shops and drink coffee, eh?

I was reading about another law enforcement officer killing himself and need to speak out about this.

In my trips to the USA, I have an active ongoing interaction with State Troopers. Sheriffs Deputies, local city police forces and other elements of law enforcement. Every time I am stopped, I get into discussions on the state of affairs and the problems with things in the greatest nation on the face of this wretched planet. I always give each officer I interact with one of the books I carry written by Mark Levin, my hero, who defends the military, and law enforcement from their detractors. That is why I hate Black Lies Matter, Antifa and so called anti-racist disorganizations. They are all liars, cowards and bullies. I do not tolerate the last category especially!

Make no mistake about it, what is happening there in the USA is coming to Canada soon. Like the USA, we have domestic terrorist groups like Black Lies Matter, Antifa and other fake anti racist liars who are to be included in the list of violent leftist groups. Many fake refugees with even 1% negro heritage automatically join BLM, and like the brainless herd they represent, march like droids behind the criminal liars they follow as leaders. All are enemies of freedom and justice and law enforcement. They should be your enemy too.

I have filed complaints to the OIPRD concerning dishonesty and code of conduct violations against offending a few officers but found that often, the trail leads up the ladder and even into the justice system. I have a case I investigated but found it went all the way into the CYSTem and to what I refer to as an identifiable "Injustice" whose name and location, and allegations will be placed here, but for the sake of brevity, I will only say now that I do not tolerate abuses of my Sovereign rights by anyone, which is why the case referred to above will be publicized here.

The point is, we are all subject to sins, errors and improper judgments...to fault every officer for the short comings of a few is not logical. One needs to understand law enforcement officers MUST take orders, like it or not...anything else is a serious offense called insubordination and the system is set up like the military. Unfortunately, cowards, liars and bigots use law enforcement as patsies to try to censor and control people whose views they dislike. Thus law enforcement are used and abused by the cowards and liars on the left. But I digress again.

I am thoroughly and totally sympathetic to and onside with law enforcement people I meet in the USA and those here. I seek to make a strong case for them.

I am a thorough person. Has anyone reading this ever entered on a journey to truth when it comes to law enforcement? I HAVE!!!

So this suicide is not surprising to me nor are the dozen others in the last few years by law enforcement people. Imagine the psychological pain and hurt imposed on anyone, and on police answering traffic calls to mishap sights!!! How would you react to seeing a child, a toddler or even a baby lifeless, with horrible injuries that caused their deaths? Are you stupid or ignorant to think that you would be strong and not show emotions and be unaffected? You are ignorant, unless you have been lobotomized. How would you react to seeing a baby covered in blood in her seat and devoid of pulse or heartbeat. How would you react to a toddler in the back seat laying in the seat still and lifeless? How would you react removing living children from a vehicle and telling them all will be fine when their mother and/or father are dead in the front seat from a head on collision? How would you react to their crying for their mommie and/or daddy? Huh? I am a hard man angry at injustice and corruption I see around me, but I know I would not be able to assume an unemotional pretence in those situations where innocent children suffered and died, or they were left without a father and/or mother. Now, think about seeing such things on a common basis? Once a year would be too often.

I recall decades ago going to Renfrew to visit my grandmother and returned along a busy highway that the OPP had just re-opened after clearing the road. It was one lane traffic and I recall passing close to a convertible where I was told later by locals, was carrying two young twentyish women in the front seat instantly killed on impact. A truck driver in the other lane had crossed the center line and hit a Pontiac Firebird convertible with these two women in the front. The car was without any front mass, destroyed back to the firewall. As I passed slowly, I looked to note an officer adjusting the yellow plastic sheet that covered these two young women who never knew what hit them. They were still sitting up and without any signs of injury I was told later. Noting this officer adjusting the yellow sheet, I saw long brown hair flowing to the side of the driver from under the sheet. That was more than enough for me.

So is it any wonder officers are killing themselves? I had an uncle in the OPP, and I know that like battle scarred veterans, more than a few turn to the bottle to try to cope with such trauma. Would you? We like to say we would not, but we have not been in that situation. I had two close relatives who used that method, one was a veteran and one was a policeman. Both had seen terrible things.

If you think you are tough, you might be, but emotionally it can be a different thing. If you insist that such things law enforcement and veterans who have seen action were exposed to, I doubt you will be any different than most of us. Try this test. Click on the following link, and then think about the ravages, death and destruction of highway mishaps. In this link, the bodies were cleaned and made presentable, in the real world of alcohol, drug, and rest impaired injuries and death, law enforcement sees worse than this all the time and arrive to their shifts not knowing if this will be one of those days.

Here it is, go to it, about the third child into the link, I exited. Grown men crying is not seemly, but consider the emotional pain those feel in performing their work.

Always Edward

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