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I have spent time having articles placed here by my producer on the site for a few years but nothing has rocked the boat as much as the unprecedented attacks on President Trump from the very first day of his taking office. The article below has a video that it is important for all to click and listen to for it CLEARLY IDENTIFIES THE FORCE BEHIND THE MULTI ATTACKS FROM MEDIA, FOLLYWOOD, NIGHT SHOW TALK HOSTS, L;EFTISTS, ANTIFA, DEMOCRAT POLITICAL HACKS NOT ONLY IN THE USA BUT FROM AN ARMY OF SUCH LIARS WORLDWIDE!!!!

The article clearly proves it is the powerful people behind the scenes ,identified of every race, nationality, religion, culture, creed.

It is the ENTITY referred to as the NEW WORLD ORDER. Never in history has a U.S. president been attacked by so many and so often, as well as his family and friends.

It was explained in the article that the Hillary Clinton win was planned and expected to finish the work of moving the USA on stream to fit in with the plans of this nefarious organization that has existed for many years. It was not a fluke President Trump won, it was a miracle and God's way of saying He was not pleased with the corruption, dangers and malignity of the NWO that would plunge the world and its peoples into perpetual slavery and under the iron fist of CYSTem world control. It was a supreme act of God that enabled President Trump to win and it all makes sense to anyone who reads this and hits the inner article link that is a speech made by President Trump.

This is also prophesied and explains why there has been a world wide act of treason in western nations to import, against the wishes of the people and against their best interests, millions of moslem and third world migrants as a way to de-stabilize and set up the next chapter according to the plans of the NWO apostates. DO not think that this act of treason importing largely unemployable and unskilled fake migrants was an act to benefit these nations. IT WAS NOT!

Read it and I challenge you to find any errors in the entire article. It is clear as day. DO not try to fool yourselves into thinking this is a conspiracy theory. It is not and if ignorance is a voluntary misfortune embraced by people who allow this to happen, there will be regrets and misery to the day of their deaths. TO see the Truth is one thing. To deny it is another, and in this case will lead to the beginning of sorrows. Proof? Look at the state of affairs in Britain, Sweden, Germany, etc where open door immigration has succeeded, as was planned, in destroying these nations.

They want the USA because if the USA goes down, all other nations will follow.

This is the best proof to date of the existence of the NWO.

Please... please, WATCH THIS VIDEO!



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