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MARCH 10, 2019


I have been challenged on my views on divorce and remarriage, and while I am beset by concern for people I see caught up in this situation, I actually decided to go one step further. I will not remarry as previously stated because there are victims in divorce situations, who are ALWAYS children, young or grown, even into adulthood who suffer emotional pain. These are the innocent ones God always is concerned about in His wisdom to oppose divorce but also to forbid remarriage which I am convinced it and of itself causes more pain to innocent people.

How can I go further? Simply by ignoring the scriptural approval to remarriage IF ONE"S PREVIOUS SPOUSE DECEASES. While God allows remarriage on this score, in my own existence I neither desire my X to die, nor do I want to separate myself even a bit from my children and grandchildren. I am sure that this is who I owe first allegiance to and I cannot marry again and still give the time to support that allegiance. It would not be fair to them, as well as to anyone who would remarry me, based on the reality I could not offer her a fair shake on my time as well. So if one cannot do this, that is, divide one's time between a new wife and his first family by another woman who he has divorced, it is a no brainer to stay single.

Some wonder how a man or woman can be alone in life. I was alone for many years and did fine, but I also have close friendships with women much younger than I am who think highly of me, my rebellious attitude against the CYSTem, my refusal to be intimidated and my "piss on you" attitude towards anyone who does not like what I say, do or represent. In fact, I just received a very warm, loving, affectionate message from a young woman I consider the most beautiful gal in the world, a woman who moved emotionally towards me closely as I became enveloped in the trauma of divorce and one who has a mind and character I cannot even approach unto in its excellence and standing. In fact, she is a far better person than I and her intelligence I gauge in the top 1% of the population. She has, like some women of excellence, suffered emotional hurt, abuse and pain in her earlier years and stands, as a little California surfer girl in her youth, the most noble in character of either gender I have ever met. Pretty? Five foot ten inches in height, with long auburn hair down to her little behind, big brown eyes, and a model build, this neat package was not the stereotypical surfer girl but was pretty beyond measure. Her super high intellectual character was clearly uncommon, her perceptiveness disarming and her femininity beyond measure.

To find a friend of the fairer gender so noble, proper and genuine is almost impossible not to mention that this woman not only understands but cares about someone like myself rejected by many of those who embrace the politically correct kookiness so common today.

So here I sit, solitary but not alone, rejected by some but loved by women of excellence who I am not good enough to be a door mat for. Such is the way it is with me, but it has not been an unhappy existence. She has always tried to influence me to be much lower key and more diplomatic and is succeeding gradually, but still embraces who and what I am, in a relationship of unconditional love each shares toward the other based on full support for the challenges we each face in life.

In consideration of this gem, I have to disagree with Churton Collins, when I say "what attracts me to such a woman, binds me to her." In reality, my opinion on women is that in the world of real women, and not fakes, they are superior than my gender. In fact, I meet real women all the time and have neighbors of the fairer gender who I adore all around me. Lucky me!!!

A life of seeing both good and bad in both genders has given me a judgment system that rarely errs in measuring the capacity to good in women. They can be cruel and cold, conniving and manipulative, but the ones who exist on the other end of the scale take my breath away.

So she does, and like all women of character, the most beautiful women have a golden aura and their sublimity emanates from a character of excellence and the noble traits, that moves to the outside resulting in a synergistic combination that makes them the most beautiful of God's creation, and priceless creations that are too often misused, abused and denigrated by fools, who have less sense than God gave a billy goat. Indeed, even in the most disrespected and degraded women, it takes but a cursory glance to see/feel the glint of gold beneath their rough exterior and coarse demeanor.

Nature and substance of a nation and culture, is best judged by how they treat their women. On those grounds, most civilizations and peoples fail miserably, and in so doing, expose and reveal the depths of their degradation, apostasy and vapidity.

Woman and man are not to be, and never were created to compete with each other, but to cooperate to allow the strengths of one to overlap and make up for the weaknesses of the other. We are both unequal in some things, but correlatively equal in the significance of our roles in civilized society as man and wife.

To disagree is to beat ones head against a wall and to kick against the hedge of thorn bushes referred to as common sense. Stupidity has no enemy except the Truth.

I need not give proof of that reality, it stands alone in a constant demonstration of same by the every day machinations of arrogant, undisciplined demagogues in academia, religion, politics and the media.

Indeed, in the afore mentioned, you can be sure that STUPIDITY IS FOREVER and that IGNORANCE IN SAME IS A VOLUNTARY MISFORTUNE.

So coming back to the point, why would I remarry when the act itself would be a lie in that I could not offer my full attention to one who would marry me? I may be a lot of things but I am no fool. An act of disrespect and destined to failure would be a remarriage in my life.

I wonder why God Himself did not counsel once divorced, always single, based on the common sense of my opinion? Perhaps He sees something I do not and perhaps most people find it intolerable to be alone without a mate. Yet just because he allows something does not say we should do it.

It is best I say I feel for divorced people, and especially their children. It is best I feel for women who have had an abortion, and while not agreeing with it, focus my anger on those who promote and perform same. But more than that, it is best for me to realize that there are a lot of people far better than I who have done things not good, but which does not at all reduce the love God has for them, nor does it elevate me or anyone else above them.

Nuff said!

Always Edward

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