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Comments on equality & justice.... by Edward Kennedy & like minded individuals

March 15, 2016


This whole mess and the trail of the serpent gets slimier as I follow it. Two new items have come to light and I am now not at all surprised at what I learn from others who volunteer credible information that disgusts me and creates more despite and anger towards Mendel Slack, Beth Slack Bradley, and Sharleen Slack Van Woezik.

The latest involves Sharleen Slack Van Woezik, who I always found to be sneaky and deceptive. I can add to that, greedy and selfish, dishonest and despicable. I have been given information from a credible source that proves my own opinion about Doris as wrong. Shame on me for even suggesting Doris Kennedy even had a conscience.

The information has to do with Doris contacting Sharleen and demanding to see a lawyer. I had surmised, giving Doris the benefit of the doubt, that near her end, she had thought about the scam, the lies, the betrayal of both me and her brother Percy, and my father, the theft of items that were to be passed on with the farm as a turnkey operation(machinery, tractors, etc) by selling them and taking the monies to be given to the complicit thieves and frauds Slacks, her duplicity and trashing of me by removing me from the will even though I WAS PROMISED RECOMPENSE AT THE "END" FOR MY YEARS OF LABOR that inputted value and monies into the estate. I surmised her demands to see a lawyer were to make amends to me due to her repentance of her criminality and corrupt actions contrary to my promised best interests.

Well I accede I was wrong, unless of course Sharleen answers my former question as to why Doris wanted a lawyer. It seems, if my current info is correct, that Sharleen told someome that Doris wanted to see a lawyer TO CHANGE THE WILL ENABLING THE FARM TO BE SOLD AND THE ENTIRE ESTATE CONVERTED TO CASH TO BE DISTRIBUTED EQUALLY. Now if this is so, then Doris has proven herself a damned liar to my father as well as to Percy and to her deceased mother. Doris told my father in response to his concerns about the farm that she shared the same concerns about having it kept in the family. For sure, it seems this was not just a lie, but a damned lie from a sneaky, duplitious, dishonest liar and damned religious hypocrite that was a disgrace to the family name.

So Sharleen, you little selfish sneaky corrupt greedy religious hypocrite, this arrangement appears to have been concocted to put more money into the ample asses of you and your phony sister Beth, and the sneaky flat footed little penguin Mendel, another despicable Slack who like you all, are every bit as bad and worse than your father and more so, then your ingrate, lying dishonest malicious mother. I can honestly say that I am not the only one who despises every one of you profligates and your selfish, greedy, dishonest dirty dealings that I qualify as even criminal.

Now on to Beth!

I ask this as a question and I am consulting other sources on this. Tell me Beth, and DON'T LIE!!!

I was made aware over a year ago that upon the death of Heather, your sister, the plan was that her two daughters were not to be included in the will as receiving their mother Heather's share. This of course, as all crooked things in this mess you and your sibblings participated in, was/is spurred by your own greed and selfishness. But of course your reason for this was as ridiculous as your reason for not opening and reading my correspondence to you, returned unopened and on cue, that same correspondence sent to the others in the "financial list." That reason I was told, that would have justified another act of selfishness, greed, and theft, was that since their mother had died and Heather's two daughters stood to gain on the estate value of Heather's home, they did not need any further monies. TALK ABOUT A SCUMBAG PSEUDO REASON! If this is true, and I have little doubt it is, then for sure you all deserve to be exposed in all your perfidity and corruption to the world. Disgusting!!!

Now we know if anyone will steal, they will also lie and vice versa but I am fronting an offer to post here the answers to these questions. The evidence has provided all but the tidbits to prove I am justified in calling you, Doris, Eleanor and your sibblings quantified religious hypocrites and more! Just send your answers to me, I am easy to find and you have ALL received ample correspondence to know my address.

So, what is your answer? I doubt you will say anything as your plan all along was to try to ignore me, but last night and tonight, I have taken this a big step further.

The stench of corruption, greed, dishonesty, selfishness and criminality I see emanating from the lot of you would gag the proverbial maggot.

Lots more to come, lots more! And I have involved another entity in this mess!

Yours for truth,

Edward Kennedy

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