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I have been informed of injustices by innocent people from the legal system. Looking at my own situations over 69 years, I can say I have interacted with many superlative judges, justices, lawyers, and others working in the legal system. Until that day I walked into Napanee court, I had no justifiable complaints against any court I had been in, and even in cases I did not win.

I wish to now start an exposure of what many agree with and think, of the Napanee Ontario court CYSTem, focusing on criminal acts, violations of the right to a fair and impartial trial, and other proven misdeeds perpetrated by "Injustice" Donna Doelman in a case involving myself and my son.

You can start the process by reading this link, which PROVES Injustice Doelman to be a liar, a criminal, a bigot, and guilty of at least obstruction of justice and violation of her oath, making her totally unfit, unqualified and corrupt, in the opinions of several people, including myself, who witnessed her disgraceful misconduct that was reported to the regulatory body overseeing the conduct and dealing with complaints. This board of bumbling bilious corrupt kooks, and much worse, in my opinion and that of others, merely ignored my complaints and refused to properly address the proven allegations I presented.

I was denied illegally and criminally, by Doelman, the right to record the proceedings witnessed by a courtroom full of law enforcement officers and the bailiff who followed the criminal orders of this kook, violating my rights, the rights of the defendant I was trying to represent, and presenting an embarrassing example of a totally incompetent airhead with the IQ of a patio slab.

Her violation was and is a criminal offence, a violation of the rights of the defendant to a fair and impartial trial, and an affront/embarrassment to that court. The snake functioning with her in his capacity as the crown was another abominable asinine bumbling bigot I found as well, being prejudicially opposed to myself and the defendant.

Now is the right time after the fact to expose her, the accomplices, and the regulatory body who I see as being a part of the swamp, and guilty of incompetence, prejudicial misconduct, criminality, obstruction of justice, and conflict of interest.

This case and another I witnessed is livid proof of corruption in this court by a fake justice who should never have been appointed to her position. Time for these creatures of injustice to face the music via the court of public opinion.

Let the show begin! Comments about the legal system will be added below.

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  • October 26, 2019 - Get Doelman!

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