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June 28, 2016


When plans were made to accumulate the largest amount of money for the damned Slacks, careful attention was paid to mispresenting the theft and fraud against me and others, to put on a good face to the world. Doris, Eleanor, and the beneficiaries of stolen monies from others always wanted to look as if their criminality was not that, but that the arrangements were legitimate and logical.

Had I not remonstrated against the damned Slacks, their corrupt, evil, malicious and contemptible criminal mother and their conniving, treacherous, criminal religious hypocrite aunt, this whole matter would have been swept under the rug and like most such injustices, seen as acceptable and normal.

As I have already stated, at the time shortly before the death of Doris Kennedy, she demanded to see a lawyer, in what I think was a direct realization of her sins against me and others. The guilt was too much for her. I believe she saw that Eleanor had duped and bullied her into sinning against innocent people. Sharleen Van Woezik was directly confronted on several occasions by Doris, to arrange to see a lawyer, being the delegated individual to look after her personal affairs and health care. I am of the opinion she is probably aware of the reasons for Doris's stated wishes to change the will but like all of the sneaky religious hypocrite Slacks, has chosen to remain silent. Even if she denied the common knowledge by many that Doris wanted to change the will, she would not be believed as anyone who will steal from you will lie to you as well and vice versa.

I have information from a reliable source that when Doris moved to change the will and disinherit me, which was her uncontested right, she was told bluntly that this was not "kosher", to eliminate the only one in an identifiable group of beneficiaries (nephews and nieces) from any inheritance. I do not question this right, or rather I never did until recently, until I discovered just how corrupt, disgustingly evil, greedy and selfish the Slacks and their mess of a mother, really was and how the Slack brood were so similarly inclined. The present extent of the thefts and frauds I have figured to date range close to a quarter million dollars! This was not an overnight decision or plan.

The source of this recent info stated that when Doris was advised to add me to the "financial" column, that she chose to not listen to the sage and fair counsel given, but chose to "listen to someone else." I have not been able to determine who this other criminal bastard was but all signs point to Eleanor Slack. I hesitate to label her as guilty, but any of her despicable bastard children could well have been the guilty one.

It has also been communicated to me from a first person witness that Doris remarked to this reliable person who she had told about the will, that the Slacks were the main beneficiaries of the financial assets, and the farm would go to the rest(reference to the Kennedy side) and they could "fight over it." So that is an illustration of how damned stupid she was, how malicious, and how ignorant of the facts as to the character of my brothers and son.

I chose not to fight with my peers because the will of Doris, though grossly malicious and skewed, was her will, though I am sure her sister Eleanor who I detest as the biggest religious hypocrite I have ever known, used heavy undue influence to persuade her to be a liar, a thief and a defrauder. I did not and do not want what some religious hypocrite criminal chose not to give me, but do stand as I will to my dying day that she, Eleanor, and her despicable lying, thieving and fraudulent criminal children owe me monies promised me for my years of labor. The extent of the evil plan, and the observance of the Slack logic to refuse to engage me in righting the situation of what they all know is fraud, and an amenable solution, is mute testimony to their evil, vile, selfish characters.

I have not as yet mentioned some graphic proofs of the stinginess and thieving entitled character of Doris, but her ingrate character, adopted by the whole damned bunch of the Slacks, manifested itself in the many people she cheated, as was her wont. I will refer to the terrible injustice of her thievery/refusal to pay the individual who probably saved her miserable life, a fair remuneration of several thousand dollars instead of the peanut amount of $100.00 every Christmas, for critical services rendered. Anyone see the despicable plan to cover the vital service he provided, and a Christmas gift for him represented in the same token of miserly remuneration? What a pos!

I present to the Slacks from the words of Jesus, who they have sold down the creek, acting like cheap prostitutes, for 30 pieces of silver, a verse from Matthew 7:12..."THEREFORE ALL THINGS WHATSOEVER YE WOULD THAT MEN SHOULD DO TO YOU, DO YE EVEN SO TO THEM ; FOR THIS IS THE LAW AND THE PROPHETS."

Now the twisted Slack mentality, would say I should not be angry and should not attack them verbally. Why not? Would any of those thieving bastards work for a day, or week, or month, or year, not to mention almost five years, trusting the words of people proven to be liars, and not then being paid for their labors? Course not, but they choose to commit fraud and theft against others.

Verse 20 sums up the truth about Eleanor, Doris, and the Slacks..."WHEREFORE BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM."

I am told they should be forgiven. The same fools who say this though refuse to see that Jesus CONFRONTED evildoers in His life, a good example I am bound to follow. Also, for the politically correct, I have NOT been asked for forgiveness, nor has remuneration been offered.

It is to be expected that Eleanor and Doris, twisted by their mother, who was twisted by her despicable father Charles Ball, would naturally have an evil influence on the Slack children who appear to be well taught by their elders. Yet this is no excuse for their choices to enable fraud and theft against others, and clearly brands them, by their fruits, to be dealt with as stated in verse 23, "...depart from me ye that work iniquity."

So much for the Slacks, whose father was condemned as a "terrible man" by his ingrate hypocrite daughter, Sharleen Slack Van Woezik, when she herself indeed should look in the mirror at the ugliness of her criminality and sins that make any of her father's pale in comparison.

Beth Slack Bradley has to face the hypocrisy of her profession as well, and many will wonder at how this hypocrite and phony ingrate can work as a counselor when she is so frigged up in her own immorality.

Finally, Mendel, the ingrate and sneak, who would die from doing a half day's physical work, is well suited to his membership in the Slack clan. His quintessential contribution to the state of the farm was to walk around on his visits to kiss the ass of Doris and observe things he thought needed fixing. Too bad this little moron did not look in the mirror to see what really needed fixing. He is strongly suspected of kicking his late sister in the throat when both were children, causing damage resulting in the serious speech impediment suffered by Heather all her life. This was reported to me decades ago by two credible persons close to the Slack dalliances in those person's lives.

So info still is coming in, and I expect to soon have proof one way or the other, that the religious affiliations of these three hypocrites are indeed, cowardly and corrupt, or just and responsible. I have already sent correspondence to one religious organization, and will not wait much longer.

This matter will remain on my radar screen until they make things right, or I die. There is a price to pay for sin, and a steep price to pay for making wrong decisions. Which brings me to another matter.

Some wonder why I am so aggressively onto this matter and why I did not approach things diplomatically at the first. The truth is I did not expect any of the criminals to seek settlement as three of them not listed here were not professing Christians and the Slacks, have embraced denial, erected unfounded projections and lies, to justify their fraud, thievery and sins. Beth is especially good at this as was her mess of a mother.

All that is left to say now at this time is "Let God be true and every man a liar."

Edward Kennedy

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