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JUNE 8, 2018


Euthansia, now touted as the solution to people of ANY age, who are inclined unto death even in moments of occasional depression. The kicker? The argument is that we allow it for our animals who are suffering but not for people. The ones who push this mantra of course are leftisists whose religion correlates humanity as also mere animals. One wonders if the over 100 million the left has murdered under regimes headed by Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot etc were merely euthanizing those who disagreed with them?

Do not laugh, people like Suzuki have stated anyone who disagrees with their leftist globaloney insanity should be imprisoned.

I would like to state for the record that I am not a believer in euthanasia for my animals and all of them save one died naturally I was forced to do the euthanizing one morning when it was apparent my pet was in terrible pain, indicated by his whimpering and whining.

Up to that point I had built a dog house four by four by eight and purchased a large bed for him I could drag out every morn with him on it, located on my raised patio, pick up his hind quarters to which he would start walking with his front legs to a spot where he would relive himself. I would let him walk some more until he would decide to head back onto the bed where I would set his hind quarters down and he would then lie all day. I would feed him and give him water within reach, watching him occasionally and moving him in if the day was rainy. In winter I set up a heat lamp and he would be warm and cozy under it.

I am sure if animals could talk, they would not want to be killed when they were old, and certainly would not want that if they had a few ailments in their last years. I have had most pets in their last days walk off to be by themselves and lie alone in a corner of the property to draw their last breath. The exception was a pet Bouvier who lied at the feet of her owner and quivered, and died.

It is interesting that we see fit to presume animals at some stage would choose death over life, and hard as I am, I could not bring myself to practice the killing of a pet aged and requiring attention/care in it's last days. It has been the norm ever since I can remember but a lot of things considered the norm are roundly condemned by me in this existence we live and die in ourselves.

My final comment on this score is indicative of the left who even now, have set up death by `choice`which as always happens, is on the road to death by decree, already in practice in some so called `free`nations around the world. Regimes that did so in the past were branded genocidal but those regimes were and are no less than what we are seeing today from leftist liars and fools who think, along with the aborticidal crowd, THEY and the system have the right to play God, in their arrogance, stupidity and to their greater damnation as murderers.

We all live and die, and at the end, there have been and will be many people in religions damned by their Creator for this capital crime that none have any right to ordain, save in self defence.

How utterly stupid these vassals be Lord, who refuse to look at the truth of history, and choose to go the same ways of destruction of those who pre-existed them. Indeed, stupid is forever to the leftist!

Always Edward


You can have a turn! Want to email Edward? Here is the page.

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