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July 9, 2019


I have a client who is an eminent psychologist/psychiatrist. He told me years ago after I did some work for him that I could call him/see him anytime 24/7 for any problem.

I am thinking about seeing him once more. I talked to him years ago about being angry relative to current situations in the nation and the state of injustice I had observed. He told me that he had known me for years and there was nothing wrong with me. He said that I was transparent and showed my emotions but many people he knew were angry as well but they hid it.

I went to my family doctor, a woman, and posed the same questions. Her response was practically word for word as the psychiatrist I had confided in.

They were both right. I am finding out that there are many angry people and people who would not say shite if they had a mouthful are as angry or more than I am. That was not an issue of concern to me but I have been dwelling on an issue that is troubling to me. That issue is suicide. I cannot find an answer as to why promising, talented, prosperous people, with a current existence of prosperity and a bright future would end their lives.

One was a millionaire with grown children and the other was a young man with great potential and intelligence who was one of the best workers I ever had employed.

I can see how some would become depressed in a scenario where event after event in their lives drove them down more and more to the point to where they felt they had nothing to live for. There are girls who kill themselves merely because they are criticized and/or rejected. There are people divorced who have lost everything who embrace death willingly. I can understand this but cannot understand how the two I knew who did themselves in could ever get to that frame of mind.

There are things I do not understand but this is one thing that puzzles and disturbs me and leaves holes in my existence. Here are some comments texted me from the millionaire.

"My success is nothing compared what life has done to me but I am still positive."

"People are so weak."

"Death does not scare me, life is way more scary"

"Religion nauseates me."

"Religion is a fuXXXng joke."

"Religion has ruled this planet for 3000 years and look how fucked up it is."

"Religion is a menace."

"People in general have less character than when I grew up."

"Most of my relatives are cuXXs"

"Was in Toronto last weekend...city is a fuXXing cesspool."

"All criminals should be executed and thieves too."

"People make bad life choices and expect people that did not, to carry them."

"I hate most people."

"Real men are few and far between...we have a generation of fuXXing pussies"

Next generation are going to be a complete waste of skin."

"A lot of people are simply just self centered cuXXs"

"No shortage of stupid."

"People in general are stupid."

"They are sub standard humans at best. Their religion is completely fuXXed up as well as their mistreatment of women and girls." (moslems)

"Most people in general are selfish"

"Only about 10% of women are worth your time, stupid manipulative cuXXs"

"Lots of people get fuXXed by relatives."

"Lots of people are so useless they need government to tell them what to do"

"Very few males I know I have any respect for. Many are spineless cuXX whipped pansies."

"I hate people in general more as I age. So many are fuXXing stupid"

"Wish we had a leader with balls."

"President Trump is the first president that has a spine."

Only known a handful of women in my life that were worth the time of day."

Whether you like his opinions and observations or not he was very intelligent, industrious, persevering and focused. Much of what he texted me was true and of course not politically correct. Yet he was a responsible man I admired and while we had differences on some things, I often praised him for his success, endurance and abilities that in his field, were tops.

I will get to the bottom of this at some point but I was pleased to have been in his confidences though at times I could irritate him.

I never knew why he did it. Maybe I never will. My opinion on suicide though is that many good people do it and while it is wrong, there are a lot of others who if they embraced it, would save a lot of pain, hurt, sorrow, harm and even death of innocent good people.

Always Edward

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