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July 12, 2018


I suspect that the desire of the left as indicated by history is to disarm the population due to the danger to them and other evil entities of a rebellion, were they to push things to an alarming state. We already have/will have legalized marijuana use, a state of affairs where the elderly are being murdered by euthanasia, the horrific practice that dead head femistatists support called partial birth aborticide (a baby full term is breach birthed to the neck, the baby's skull base is jabbed with a sharp instrument, and a vacuum catheter pushed in to the head to suck the brains out after which the baby is fully delivered), the flagrant discrimination and bigotry of affirmative action in government hiring, the heavy hand of the statist CHRC telling us we cannot disagree with the sacred creed/religion of political correctness, a not so "supreme" court and law societies that practice bigotry and discrimination against Christians, fines for refusing to use specific language to identify imagined gender identities aside form male and female, twisted academics who brain wash vulnerable children, whackos running around under the banner of actual bigotry of the term "anti racists" smearing human excrement and smashing windows of those who dare point out that cultures are NOT equal, so called "anti fascists" who are not good enough to be called fascists hiding behind masks, attacking conservatives, and violating their freedom of expression using violence and cowardly labelling(libelling of their opponents, a mayor in Ontario who thinks the solution for violent criminals is to build more basketball courts (how racist is that?), big city councillors voting to protect illegal criminal aliens from the police and give them access to free money by way of social service, and perhaps the biggest gaffe of religious leaders preaching, teaching and pushing apostasy.

That is not to mention the Black Lies Matter group swelling its ranks with every illegal alien with 1% negro in them marching like a herd of turtles against so called discrimination, all for the purpose of getting money and more preferential treatment. Then you have these useless economic migrant fake refugees walking across the borders and the RCMP carrying their luggage to reception centers where they cannot be vetted and as such, pose a security and safety risk to the rest of us.

So these groups but of them, the worst group, the cracker Libbie group, want firearms banned. This is all to remove the right of self defence which is a Sovereign right, from law abiding duck hunters. Meanwhile criminals largely of the knee grow race run rampant in the streets shooting people and often killing innocent bystanders with the target.

I personally think, and am in agreement with many who have told me that the system fears people will start taking the law into their own hands and restore sanity to the nation. I do disagree. Most I have spoken to on this topic would prefer to use clubs, bats and their bare hands, not guns, against rapists, human traffickers, pimps, drug dealers, and other criminal trash.

I dare say many of the criminals and trash are contained in the groups identified above including agencies such as the CHRC who are little more than racist bigots.

Yours for truth,

Edward Kennedy

By clicking here you can email me directly, about ANYTHING you read on my site.

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