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Freedom, and justice are vanishing entities in our province and our nation.

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The purpose of this new section is to address person to person the heads of state, leaders of nations, billious bureaucratic bullying buffoons, system enforcement agencies, posing incompetent and corrupt members of the legal system, and the msm liars and whores who are almost all in the camp of the libturds and themselves, enemies of freedom and justice. My initial contact with such over various problems they have/are causing will be published here as a means to inform the readership of my concerns the presstitutes refuse to report/publish in numerous opinion pieces forwarded to local rags and larger papers.

There is a reference in the title to Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde which is an admission that I realize I have two "end zones" of emotion, the angry side and the soft side few see. These letters will be both congratulating and demeaning, depending on the target of my admiration or wrath.

This section necessitates a firm but diplomatic approach as one is generally dealing with employees of the people who are errant, arrogant, duplicious, corrupt and even evil. It is not logical to aggressively confront a woman who works for a political crook. The end game is to expose the miscreant, not impose duress on others who are used as buffers by cowards.

The first "letter" will be to OPP Detective Archimbeault in an attempt to make an injustice I think he suffered, right. That will be followed right away with a letter to a crown attorney and an OPP sergeant who I think were culpable in the case.

You will find I am NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS as that is according to scripture, a sin, and one many of the mindless and insecure grazing herd commit in their day to day life of ass kissing to the powers that be. Disgusting and sickening!

Always, Edward

Open letters are linked below, by date, with the newest found at the top of the list.

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