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January 31, 2017


I would like to address an incident that exposed the duplicity, avarice, maliciousness, sneakiness, dishonesty, cruelty, toxicity, narcism, dysfunctional character of Minnie Gladys Ball and especially the damned Slacks. No I have not forgotten about them and never will. As time transpires, more and more comes to light and it all points to the selfishness and greed of these religious hypocrites.

Grandpa's sister great Aunt Ell who was a good woman lived in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and my parents one summer took us on a family vacation out west to visit her. We were there a few days and on that trip met other relatives who a few years later came to visit at the Cole Lake farm.

We did not know it at the time but the damned Slacks and practically every Kennedy in the immediate family was invited there for a party if you will. My parents knew nothing of that until years later when on a subsequent trip, these relatives asked my parents why they were not present at the party to welcome them. They were told by my parents that nobody told them of the event. These western relatives had missed my parents and that single incident exposed Minnie, the damned Slacks, Doris the criminal, and sadly even Ray and Edna . You see though, it was Minnie who controlled things. She was a controlling, selfish, manipulative, cruel woman and treated her bitch daughters differently than her sons. For some reason my father was pariah and cruelly emotionally abused by his damned sisters and the sneaky bastard Slack spawn by their ingratitude, conniving, dishonesty, duplicity and assorted cruelty. I guess I hate the bastards as much or more for this than for being the damned thieves, religious hypocrites, and criminal frauds on their part against me and well over a dozen others.

I keep referring to the big splash that I have yet to place here. I am still delaying but it exposes the damned Slacks but mainly their bitch mother and her similar religious hypocrite Doris as the scum bags these bastards are. It will seal up the sum on showing how Doris and Eleanor thought they could deceive and lie, cheat and steal and get away with it to benefit the three damned Slack spawn at the expense of myself and dozens of others. As per rote there are as usual three religions whose leaders are little more than hirelings, refusing out of their damned cowardice to intervene and address this issue according to Biblical scriptural instruction.

I have a right to be angry and to say and do what I do and will. The fat lady has not sung yet but she will in due time.

Edward Kennedy

PS - Just a rejoinder to let people know that I have identified the problem with the Slacks on the issue of their religious hypocrisy and research has proven beneficient to this end. I will be placing that on here hopefully before Sunday.

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