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Comments on equality & justice.... by Edward Kennedy & like minded individuals


January 8, 2018


I have a list of heroes, many dead and a few alive. Though many are dead, they still live immortally in the minds of people like myself, passed on to our descendants. These are great men, women and children excelling in the practice and illustrative application of character in excellence. I am aware of little children refusing to convert to Islamic idiocy whose punishment, meted out by the cowardly insane idiots of DAESH/ISIS was the cutting off of their hands and feet. I am aware of the sacrifices of war veterans for the defense of freedom and justice. I am aware of the bald headed man decades ago who refused to be lifted to safety from a frigid river until all other people in danger had preceded him, and how he had slipped to his death under the waves after seeing the last woman into the basket and raised by cable into the helicopter. There are many heroes and courageous people who have died demonstrating courage and sacrifice.

We approach the 26 anniversary of one such icon of courage and unique character, a 15 year old girl I love and cherish, and will to my death, affections first mentioned here and now publicly. My love is intermingled with strong solid pure, 100% defined hate towards two people, still living, and millions worldwide, predominantly of the Caucasian race who aided/aid, and abetted/abet the tragedy and injustice towards this girl I cherish and many other innocent victims of ingrate criminal miscreants worthy of death.

Her name is Kristen French and she has been/is uppermost in my mind as I consider the stupidity of the left. The criminals who murdered her, should have been hung by their necks until their wretched bodies passed unto death. Capital punishment had been eliminated previous by damned fools, criminal coddlers, and liars of the left LPC, notably the father of our present leader, Justie the jerk. another damned fool and his incompetent administrative congo line of damned fools and bigots in power today, elected by another congo line of either deceived or insane idiots of the highest degree.

This girl was made of good stuff, the best there is and her cherished memory of courage and principle, flows over and through me as I consider the content of her character and excellence. I confess that she is at the top of the list of honored heroes in the hall of fame in my mind and soul. Her name is a name I favor due to its identification to a girl beyond measure. In 1992, this 15 year old icon of all that is beautiful was abducted, and subjected to inhumane and obscene sexual attacks over a 48 hour period. She was not the first. There came a point when she was confronted with the demand to submit to a particularly obscene act or face death, even being shown the video of the previous victim, being strangled to death.

The words she uttered which instantly established a place in my very being for her, uttered to her captors, were, "Some things are worth dying for." (these events are on tape seized and used to convict the murderers)

I am a hard man and much as I hate some people, specifically pimps, human traffickers, HIV positive rapists, murderers, terrorists, and other systemic scum of a society going mad, the cumulative hatred I have for the lot of those all together pales compared to the hate I have for the murderers of this girl. I am sure were I arrested and placed in a cell with the male member of her killers, it would be a supreme struggle to desist from killing him with my bare hands. I have never had such hate for anyone and anything, though my hatred for the adherents of ISIS/Daesh comes close. Sorry, no cluck clucking or shaking my head like the peons of politically correct kookiness do, just a deep steak of mineable hatred and wishes for a painful lingering death for them both.

Here was a girl who faced with death, had the courage in the face of that reality to defy the evil malevolence that beggars description, rivalled only by the evil of the present day religion of pieces and its protected coddled practitioners, aided recently by Justie the jerk's excuses enabling these murdering, torturing child rapists to return to Canada after plying their trade of wholesale criminality in the MIddle East. Justie is a damned fool, as much a danger to freedom and justice as his counterpart, the Ovomit, past president of the USA, who committed treason and overseen the funding of islamic terrorism worldwide through his gift of billions to the Iranian islamofascists.

It is logical to consider that these murders, as well as all murders, from the time Justie's immoral bastard father, Pierre Trudeau, introduced Bill C-84 proposing the abolition of the death penalty, might have been prevented had the aura of the death penalty been available for use. After a lengthy debate and a free vote in the House, the Bill was passed and became law on July 26, 1976.

From that time to the present, the blood of murdered men, women, children, law enforcement and prison guard personnel has been and will always be on the shoulders of Pierre the putrid, and his corrupt pro criminal coddling administration. The hypocrisy of the LPC was well illustrated by their protection of murderers, and the refocus of the death penalty on innocent unborn children. There is no excuse for not having the death penalty returned to its rightful place today, as we have DNA evidence capabilities that coupled with witness testimony, could be used to deter murderers. To all you damned deadheads out there who ignore the body count of terrorists and criminal murderers, and weep over the possibility of making a mistake, there is today NO FAILURE to identify beyond any shadow of any doubt guilty murderers.

In the case of Kristen and Leslie, the evidence was/is on tape and the two murderers were undeniably guilty 100% and should have been executed!!! There are many other unquestionable proofs of guilt in cases of murder by way of the common use of video cameras today that guarantee innocent people would not be hung.

Yet there remains the insanity and damned density of liberal politically correct loonery that results in opposition to the solution to murder, being reinstated. That same loonery by a damned grade four ASSistant drama teacher and other arrogant leftist liars and criminal coddlers, including religious apostate sons of Satan, continues to manifest by their importation of unvetted moslem subhuman mutants, brain dead practitioners of the Koranic criminality and craziness that counsels them to rape, rob, steal, enslave and murder all others not of their demented dizzy damnable dementery. That is not good enough though, the arrogant asswipe of assininity wants ISIS/DAESH moslem fighters to be able to return here now their war is over, only to be carried on in cowardly terrorist acts here and worldwide.

The death penalty was and is mandated by God and as we all know, God has been, is, and will always be true, in spite of the arrogant assininity of assumptive asswipes of the left, represented by the NDP, LPC, Greens, their provincial counterparts, academic leftist asses, religious reprobates, and reprehensible reedings of excremental excess on the columns of ignorance that populate many university and college campuses today.

All you snowflakes, save your indignation for the safe places you demand where it will echo harmlessly off the walls of contained ignorance that shelter the mealy mouths whose mandated moanings indicate weak minds, brain disease, and the overall malaise of mental midgetry.

Always Edward


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