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January 6, 2018

Killer Headline - Political Agenda

I would refer the readership to an article authored by Bruce Gold, under the heading "Politics and Guns" and titled, "Killer Headline - Political Agenda" that provides my figures herein based on his intricate and accurate analysis/figures.

It is an article that like other articles he writes, is drawn from accurate sources, this article stats from ONTARIO INJURY DATA REPORT, ONTARIO INJURY PREVENTION RESOURCE CENTER, CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, and FIREARMS AND VIOLENT CRIME IN CANADA.

Mr. Gold goes on to expose much dishonesty but in his own diplomatic way, in his article, so I encourage the reader to look up his article in the Canadian Firearms Journal of Jan/Feb 2018

A mere cursory glance at events south of the border and the antics of the msm liars and whores of such outlets as CNN(constipated news network), MSLSD, etc indicate the same leftist agenda there as there is here. The agenda is heavily weighted in the area of pushing gun control with a long term end to disarm the population. These liars and stooges are little better than Adolph, Mao, Joseph, and other leftist dictators responsible for the murders of hundreds of millions of their citizens.

Here in Canuckistan, under the rule again of the demagogues of the tyrannical/communist mouthpieces of the LPC, who have ALWAYS pushed for disarmament, while ignoring the real problems of illegal firearms, gangs, and migrant criminals, I insist that the real freedom lovers and defenders once again must defend against insane ideologue liars who in the past, figured into the criminality and lies of C-68 pushed by Chretien, another LPC leader who like them all, talked out of the left corner of his mealy mouth, aided and abetted by liars such as Rock, McLennan, and tax payer funded Cukier the kook.

Typical example of the continuing msm sewage flow that infects people with the contagious lies it carries, is another "study" as a "depress release" titled, "A Child or Youth is Injured by a Firearm Every Day." This of course is calculated to label(libel) any who oppose firearm banning as "neanderthalistic" heartless hooligans. This headline is in fact, a dirty lie, calculated to create alarm.

One of the moral degenerate authors of the study, Dr. Guttmann, opines, "I think we would all agree that even one child or youth injured by a gun a day is too many." A study of the context, numbers and actual injuries, mathematically equates to 87 ten thousandths of 1% of youth being injured by firearms annually. hmmm A bloody hell of a long way from one a day. The dishonesty and lies used by leftist hoplophobes knows no bounds. How did these hoplophobic hooliganistic hoes arrive at this figure? Simple and revealed below.

The average is the magic figure of 355 injuries per year!!!

Thus we have the REAL FIGURE of 87 ten thousandths of 1% of youth being injured by firearms annually as a percentage reality. Get it? See the outright lies, dishonesty and misrepresentation here?

The study was of "immigrant children" ( a fact the release did not mention, for obvious reasons)which opens up the very politically incorrect fact that much of the problem with illegal firearms and gang membership who are more INCLINED to violence occur in a major city of the province the study was conducted in. This is such a problem that the libbie liars stopped the practice of listing crime stats by race)It also does not openly indicate that the large majority of "children and youths" were not really innocent helpless children, but actually teens/young adults. hmm The study is really a study of young adults that would of course include young male economic migrants predisposed to violence. This of course is a kick in the teeth to the insanity of the current multicult madness insanity where unvetted moslem migrants and turd world criminals are imported.

The inclusion of "children" is all about the emotional triggers all of us have inherent, that are towards innocent children. (disqualifies wynniebag the homofascist who imposed a sex education program written by a pedophile, to soil and brainwash grade school children)

More lies, obfuscation, dishonesty and deceptions from the gun banning hoplophobes! But it does not stop there!

The actual unintentional injury rate (76%) were in the 15 to 24 age group. Of all intentional injuries the same age group had 95 % ownership!

Gang and criminal activity claimed 46% of all firearm homicides.

This "Hitlerian hoplophobic" study did not identify the steep increase of injuries included by airguns, BB guns, flare guns, or paintball guns. I am aware that 79% of all FIREARM injuries in identified stats include injuries from these sources. So you can see the dishonesty of the leftist hilerian gun banning hoplophobic bigots! The reason the left want gun banning and try to deceive us of this fact by easing into the process by seeking firearm control/registration is to set the stage in the same manner as their friends Joseph, Mao and Adolph did by first getting registration accomplished and then a corrupt gun banning statist/communist regulation can be passed.

Mr Gold puts the icing on the cake by stating the following, (paraphrased)which exposes the liars and enemies in the hoplophobic left, of freedom and justice... 2.3 million firearms plus millions more of BB guns, air guns, flare guns, and paintball guns equating to 355 injuries per year is thousandths of one percent of guns involved in a young adult injury per year!

You liars of the msm, follywood, leftist political hacks, etc who form the hitlerian hoplophobic congo line targetting legal firearms ownership and owners, have been identified for years as the enemies of freedom and justice, seeking gun control which is all about CONTROL from a system that expects to be trusted when in fact, only a damned fool would trust those who do not trust us with guns!

I am not God, or I would tell you politically correct enemies of all that is good to go to hell, due to the criminal mental processes you all embrace that relate to attacks on freedom and justice. That is not my place, but I know that some day that will in fact happen, for you represent and are mimicking the antics of Joe, Adolph, Mao, and other murdererous tyrants of the past. Some things never change, and the left is one of those things. However, do not think you are fooling anyone but yourselves in your duplicity and criminality. Nuff said!

Yours for truth,

Edward Kennedy

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