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January 2, 2017

Michael ...recognizes that Canadians are stewards of the land

My comments and areas I want to draw attention to are boldened and/or underlined. I trust the readership will connect the significance of them. A nation cannot prosper if people are brought here without necessary language and workset skills, as well as proper attitude. (culture)



Michael's story is the story of millions of Canadians. It is a story of immigration, a story of perseverance and, ultimately, a story of hope and opportunity.

The Chong family's Canadian story begins during the Second World War.

The eldest son of a Dutch immigrant mother and a Chinese immigrant father, Michael was born in Canada in 1971. His parents' families were defended and liberated by Canadian troops in the Second World War – his father's during the Battle of Hong Kong and his mother's family during the Liberation of the Netherlands. After the war, his parents left their respective homelands in search of a new life in Canada.

They met in Canada, and weren't afraid to work hard to build a new life. Michael's father worked as a lumberjack in British Columbia, counting every dollar to make ends meet and pay his way through university. In the 1950s, his father became one of the first Canadians of Chinese descent to be accepted into a Canadian medical school. (this is what almost all immigrants were like a long time ago and benefitted the nation...not so for the last few decades but especially recently.)

His Early Years

Michael's parents eventually settled in Wellington County, Ontario, where Michael still lives today with his wife Carrie (née Davidson) and their three young boys. Michael has fond memories of his rural upbringing and recalls the many winter evenings spent playing pond hockey with his childhood friends. His experience as the child of immigrant parents in rural Canada helped shape his perspective on a pan-Canadian identity. He was brought up to understand and appreciate that diversity is what unites and enriches Canada as a country. (not so...there are cultures that are inferior to the ethical culture Mr. Chong embraced and represented, inherited form responsible and hard working parents, in fact, Dutch and Oriental people are known to be industrious, persevering and net assets to any nation)

At only six years of age, Michael lost his mother in a car accident at a rural intersection while she was on her way to buy groceries. His father remarried and Michael and his three siblings were raised by the couple in a loving home. But in a tragic coincidence, Michael's father also lost his life in a car accident at the same rural intersection 20 years later. These events had a profound effect on Michael's life at the time and on the development of his character over the years to come.

The sacrifices made by Michael's parents instilled in him the value of hard work. The loss of his parents taught him to appreciate every moment. The opportunities offered to his family by Canada inspired in him a love for his country. (not so anymore, too many immigrants from specific morally bankrupt, immoral, irresponsible and "entitled" status cultures are imported to western nations today as liabilities.)

As a teen, Michael attended Centre Wellington District High School in Fergus, Ontario. An inquisitive and dedicated student, (meaning not afraid to work) he received the Canada Scholar and Ontario Scholar awards upon graduating. It was during his high school years that Michael developed a passion for politics, volunteering on the local re-election campaign for then Member of Parliament Perrin Beatty. In 1990, he became a member of both the Provincial and Federal Progressive Conservative Parties.

Upon completing high school, Michael went on to study at the University of Toronto, pursuing a degree in philosophy. It was during his time at the University of Toronto that he met his future wife, Carrie, who hails from a family of proud Canadians and counts Sir William Whiteway, the 1890s Newfoundland prime minister and early advocate of Confederation, as an ancestor.

An avid sports fan and athlete, Michael received the University of Toronto's Athletic “T” award for playing on the university's rugby team. In the early 1990s, Michael and 15 of his peers founded the Fergus Highland Rugby Club. The club has continuously expanded since then and now plays in the “A” Division of the Niagara Rugby Union.

Charitable Work and Career

At the age of 26, Michael co-founded the Dominion Institute (now known as Historica Canada), an organization committed to raising Canadians' awareness of history and civics. Historica Canada offers fully bilingual programs that reach more than eight million Canadians annually. The charitable organization also produces the popular “Heritage Minutes” commercials, which dramatize important historical events that helped shaped Canada. Michael currently sits on Historica Canada's Board of Directors.

Deeply committed to his local community, Michael has served as Chair of The Elora Festival and Singers, a Grammy- and Juno-nominated chamber choir that has performed in New York's Carnegie Hall and London's St. Paul's Cathedral. He also served on the fundraising committee of Groves Memorial Hospital in Fergus and helped raise millions of dollars.

Michael had a successful career in the private sector before entering public life. He held increasingly senior positions in the financial services sector with Barclay's Bank and Research Capital Corporation as well as the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and the National Hockey League Players' Association, where he served as Chief Information Officer.

Despite his many professional achievements, his three young boys – William, Alistair, and Cameron – remain his biggest source of pride. Fully committed to Canada's bilingual identity, he has enrolled his children in French immersion programs in the local public schools.

Political Work and Beliefs

In 2004, Michael was first elected to Parliament, representing the riding of Wellington-Halton Hills. He served in Cabinet as President of the Queen's Privy Council, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, and Minister for Sport. He consistently achieves amongst the highest results of any Ontario Conservative.

A relentless advocate for strengthening democratic institutions, Michael's views on the state of Canada's democracy are sought by organizations from across the country. In 2015, he was successful in getting his private member's bill, the Reform Act, passed. The Reform Act is a bill that aims to rebalance the power between leaders' offices, including the Prime Minister's Office, and elected Members of Parliament.

A true fiscal conservative who believes in the principles of free markets and free enterprise, Michael also recognizes that where market failures exist, governments have a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable. And just as Canadians must balance their own household budgets, Michael believes that governments should be expected to do the same. He supports controlled spending, small government, and lower taxes for Canadians. (contrary to the morons in both LPO and LPC in power today whose policies are divisive, dangerous, scary, unsound and abject failures)

Michael believes that in a challenging global environment Canada's foreign policy must be robust, hard-nosed, and reflective of the realities faced by Canada. This means Canada must not only protect its values at home, but also defend those values abroad, just as Canadian troops defended his parents' families decades ago. (more common sense that it appears the LPO and LPC do not grasp, to the misfortune of the nation)

Michael also recognizes that Canadians are stewards of the land. The conservation of our land is at the heart of what it means to be conservative. He believes that Canada must bolster environmental policy and develop pragmatic solutions that conserve the environment without hurting the economy.Michael understands the importance of environmental issues and the serious challenges posed by climate change in the 21st century. As a member of the House of Commons' All-Party Climate Change Caucus– a non-partisan group of MPs who seek to bring more information to Parliament regarding climate change – Michael continues to focus on raising environmental awareness on Parliament Hill. He is also dedicated to facilitating the exchange of ideas and knowledge between Parliamentarians, NGOs, and the private sector that will benefit our environment today and future generations.

(Diversity does NOT enrich nations UNLESS the ones imported here are dedicated to many of the principles that Mr. Chong and his parents are/were...too many immigrants are net liabilities to the nation, demanding a free ride and acting as though they have the right to goods and services they did not work for and are not entitled to...multiculturalism is a lie unless immigrants are brought here who will work and can contribute to the nation, not steal from it.)


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