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You've Been Scammed! Insurance and other scams revealed.

I would have thought corruption I have come across in the system, and in all facets of society, would be apparent to many, but in speaking to people, many are unaware of the theft and fraud made legal by the provincial government, presently once again under the leadership of a leftist looniebin politically corrupt and even criminal fascist minded clown seeking to impose her corrupt and evil mindset on the whole province.

I would focus on the insurance industry and as well, on the bureaucracies aiding and abetting the robbery/defrauding of the people by the same industry.

A recent NOT AT FAULT mishap where I was broadsided/rear ended by a pick-up truck driver has brought to me a real eye opening experience where I clearly see some of the scams perpetrated on the people by an industry and provincial bureaucracies of cushy overpaid bureaucrats and insurance companies in the business I see as focused to steal all they can from the policy holders by different means.

I will first examine the fraud perpetrated by criminals, aided and abetted by insurance companies and the regulatory agencies whose responsibility should not be to steal and defraud the citizenry.

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