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There are many people who are real heroes in society and who are either vilified, ignored, attacked, or even ridiculed/criticized. The lead article in this HEROES segment of articles is an example. The cracker elite arrogant cadre of religious fake leaders in mainline churches surely look down on these defenders of the Truth as close minded and judgmental. They are NOT! They are following scriptural instruction and the best the left has to offer does not even have enough skin to make a toe warmer for these REAL leaders. I have heard leftist "niggers" refer to politically incorrect negroes of substance as "house niggers." Not so. Conservative negroes are not and have never been niggers. That term is rightly used by me to describe criminal and politically correct members of that race who are little more than whiners wearing their negritude on their left sleeves and their fake victimhood on their right. A conservative negro is far above a cracker loon (leftist politically correct Caucasian) just like a Jewish conservative is far above a Jewish leftist and even leftists of whatever race.

This lead article below (dated March 4, 2019) is fitting for recognition of what these African people have done for the cause of God. I have met some real good people of this race and all of them are conservative. I trust there will some surprises for my idea of a hero may shock people, for example, if anyone had assassinated Stalin before he succeeded in murdered 60 million Ukrainians, I would have considered him a hero just as much as a man who kills a group of terrorists intent on murdering innocent men and women and children.

Heroes in this day and age can be misfits and morons embracing politically correct craziness and getting a DISORDER of Canuckistan medal when in fact they are little more than useless idiots and cowards. I intend to set the record straight!

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August 6, 2019 He was murdered.

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March 4, 2019 My compliments.

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