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February 4, 2017

My contact with people that is touching and engenders much sympathy in me.

I have encountered a theme on this recent trip in my contact with people that is touching and engenders much sympathy in me apart from my usual skeptical attitude.

I have encountered three men, elderly and morose, devastated by the loss of their life long mates. Last year I met two, both who told me in our conversations that they had lost their wives two years previous, and were still living with the loneliness, sorrow and pain. Both were 68, had married young, and been with their respective mates all their adult years.

A few weeks ago, I stopped at an antique shop in northwest Nebraska and had the pleasure of meeting the owner, and discussing at length details of his existence which I found interesting as I always do. He did not fail to lament the death of his wife three years previous, after their marriage of 57 years. Wow! Fifty seven years! He was visibly affected as he broached the subject and I am hard pushed to remember anyone so sorrowful after a loss.

There is indeed a close bond between two people who have been together for so long, sharing the trials, pain, challenges and triumphs of life. There is nothing sadder to me in the sights I see than seeing an elderly man or woman, walking alone down the street, in the winter of their lives, who I am sure have been married but separated by death from the closest person to them in their temporal existence.

I can say nothing to men such as the antique dealer to comfort, for the loss is real and the impact unavoidable. Yet there remains the blessings and privilege that such did enjoy the company of one they cherished with mutual understsnding and shared existence through decades of time.

There are two things of course that hapinesss is presupposed on and money is not one of them. It is relationships, and personal health that determine ones happiness or misery throughout their existence in this temporal realm.

If one has neither, then one has nothing, regarldless of money, fame, or position.

I met these good men on my trips, recent and past. Memorable to me this trip is another elderly man I met in Sterling Colorado who runs an antique shop loaded with aisles and aisles of old dishware, far better than the garbage made today. His wares are made in USA and England. His marriage is approaching 60 years and as a person I have to say he is one of the finest men I have ever had the privilege of meeting.

I know on one of my future trips I will drive up to his store to see it empty and will realize once again that we are not immortal. This past trip I told him he was a precious elderly man and that I hoped God would minister to him and bless him. This will be and is all that anyone has when facing the inevitability of death, and if God gives me life to make the next scheduled trip and this icon of excellence in my gender still lives, I will be grateful for the opportunity to see him once more. But that is not all...I will be sure to tell him once aqain what a precious man he is. A kind word is never wasted.

Miscreants and narcissists need to be confronted, but good people need to be encouraged. This has always been a given and always will.


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