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February 16, 2019


I have been away from this topic as noted here, but have been told "I find this information very interesting" as a common mindset of people who read this site.

I have been struggling over various bits of information given me over whether or not I should place it here. Things have not been stale at my end and after much thought, have decided to lead into a direction that focuses on the monies in the estate that had accumulated over the years but were largely from the efforts of a great uncle. I will detail the events that ended with these monies going to the Slacks and every despicable step in between.

The sequence will indict as guilty two main characters in the mix, who have largely enjoyed the absence of their identities being placed here.

I will start here with the death of Doris and a short blurb printed in the "In Loving Memory" brief description of the life of the deceased that told me someone else knew of the shenanigans that were on going at the time that I correlate correctly as emotional abuse, control, manipulation and bullying.

I quote from that taken from the printed account distributed at the funeral, by "Book of Memories" that says, "SHE SAID THAT HER LIFE WAS WELL REGIMENTED BY HER MOTHER ON THE WORK THAT WAS REQUIRED TO RUN THE FARM." YOu can probably look this up online as well.

Note that Doris herself said this and with her own hand written accounts as a back up, corroborated by a key witness to the events, I will shortly enlarge what led to these words, what the background was, and how two malevolent people namely Minnie Gladys Ball and Eleanor Kennedy Slack were/are guilty of making the life of their daughter/sister miserable and as close to being a slave as one can get.

To say that the Slack children were innocent would be too generous to them, though I and others feel they had an increasing involvement in the matter. That they have always refused to respond to my letters, over the time period from 25/06/2014 to present over my concerns and the orchestrated allegations of theft witnessed by dozens of people who knew/know them, their parents, the family and the Free Methodist Church organization that more than a few tell me was and is a cult.

I am still looking for a few pertinent facts and have to make contact with a key source who well knew the Ball machinations, having been a victim of openly committed thefts on two occasions by the same fool and criminal who once targeted me, with his ditz faker religious hypocrite wife as a willing accomplice.

Stay tuned, this is about to become very interesting. As to the whole event, the fat lady has not sung yet but is in the dressing room getting ready.


Edward Kennedy

By clicking here you can email me directly, about ANYTHING you read on my site.

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