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Edward's Politically Incorrect Language Dictionary

The warning before one enters this site is true, and the fact of the matter is I do not give a tinker's damn what anyone thinks or whether they approve/disapprove of me. I number in my enemy list management level "bureaucraps, academics, ministers, upper echelons of the ARSE CMP, Police Chief's ASSociation of "Untario," fascist inhuman rights inquisitional bastards, anarchist anti racist (anti White) domestic terrorist groups, hoplophobic hooligans, leftist political hacks of the LPC and LPO, homofascist activists, pro aborticidal maniacs, politically correct poltroons, religious denominational hypocrites, pimps, human traffickers, drug dealers, date rape cowards, economic immigrants, moslems of all stripes, wimpy white leftist loony males, feminazis, msm liars and whores, the ovomit bastard and his corrupt administration, Hellery Rotten Clinton, and a lot of other categories of people. More than a few of such cowards would like to see me dead but to me that is a badge of honor I wear proudly. I do not report death threats to the police as such are generally threatened by cowards and dweebs and I am well able to defend myself up to and including lethal force if necessary. If someone is going to kill you, and they are serious, they will not talk about it, they will just do it.

The one rule I have is that I do not give a damn what politically correct kooks try to impose on others, I refuse to have these kooks tell me what I can and cannot say. I despise the bastards and liars of so called human rights organizations who tend to be the biggest fascists, bigots and inquisitors themselves. Below is my definition of the words I continue to use properly and if you do not like it, WGAS! Not me!

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