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In the last few weeks, I have become aware of the continuing acceleration of the destructive religious movement in education, even though the cracker politically correct fools demand the "separation of church and state." That goes especially for Christian values, but of course not for the death cult whose "unholy" book counsels dishonor murders of innocent girls and women, stoning of innocent rape victims, female genital mutilation and the murder of all non moslems.

There has been a move for decades to push the official religion of academia, called dialectic secular humanism. Yes it is a religion and while the liars of academia attacked religion, these hypocrites thought they were fooling everyone. Common tenets of that hellish belief system are homosexual rights, pro abortion infanticide, feminazi foolishness, multicultist madness and other bizarre destructive behaviors pushed by academia liars and hypocrites.

I have little use for most teachers who sell their own souls as well as the health, welfare, happiness and even lives of little children for the damned dollar. They are cowards, afraid to stand up and be counted in defending vulnerable children.

The scriptures are very clear on what God thinks about such people, and it is not at all pleasant.

This section will expose the corruption, evil and failure of the educational system, an alien, despicable and abusive system that is not at all in keeping with the best interests of children.

The mindless grazing herd is well known for its cowardice and the sheeple wallow in their apathy and lack courage while children are destroyed by the educational system.

The recent exposure of the corruption and filth of follywood is nothing compared to the war on children pushed by the left politically correct crazies.

As time passes, we already see the results of the dialectic dweebs erecting more social constructs that are contrary to all that is good, that have resulted in the election of evil, corrupt, fascist leaders provincially and nationally.

"We believe no evil till the evil's done." (La Fontaine)

We see the results today in spades as Canuckistan embraces criminals and liars as leaders, who lead the sheeple down the road to certain destruction, beginning with the youth of the nation, and does so by brainwashing them.

There will surely be hell to pay by any and all involved in this desecration of innocent children and while I hesitate to damn these fools, I do so because scriptures already have damned each and every one of them as child abusers in the eyes of God.

Academia laughs and denies His existence, but the smile will be and is on the other side of the faces of these evil people as they face what we all must face, our imminent deaths at some point in our existence.

No, I do not lift myself up like leftists do, much as dogs licking their hinder parts, but I will say as imperfect as I am, I would not nothing to do with the destruction and abuse of children being imposed on innocent children today.

Note that their angels do gaze on the face of their Heavenly Father.

Let God be true and every man a liar, even damned liars.

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Always for truth.

Edward Kennedy

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