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December 5, 2016

I have met many people online, but none so...

I have met many people online, but none so pristine, pure, unselfish, intelligent, affectionate, soft, warm, sensitive, logical, dependable, caring, magnanimous, principled, and imbued with character of glowing magnanimity, integrity, and all that is good, than a woman I will identify as MG.

Married at 18 to a same age man, who still is ignorant of the fact that his wife is a veritable "daughter of Eve," so close to perfection to merit that badge, she has touched the softer side of me in many ways, through the details of her existence. I focus on her as I can on others, who have also been hurt beyond description, and whose episodes taken from different times of their existences, can and do make grown men of callous character cry like babies. Some women maybe take delight in reducing masculine men to sobbing wussies, but in my experience I have learned to determine any manipulatory tendencies in people with hard luck stories and with MG, her sincerity and candid demeanor have never faltered, establishing her as one I can totally trust.

I wish to mention a situation that is melted into the cold steel persona of my "alter ego" which takes its place alongside occurences in the lives of excellent people who do not/should not merit anything but respect, love and honor.

MG and her husband had it hard, both born and raised in that hotbed of liberality we know as California. Attending college, they did what few do...they enrolled and after graduating, exited their student years with no debts owing. I know of two people like them, one of either gender, one a doctor and the other a housewife, who achieved the same status. The doctor did it by starting to invest in blue chip paying stocks from a pre teen existence to his entry into university, with almost every cent he made. The other one did it by working part time, and living a reclusive existence in a cheap room with bare furnishings, no television, a beans and macaroni menu, and almost all time spent out of class in that room or the library studying. She graduated with two doctorates and he as a doctor. What has happened to "sacrifice' today, it is almost extinct but goes hand in hand with discipline which is another near extinct entity.

Back to MG though. In her new life as a married student, her and her husband both worked part time only to see all their monies gobbled by tuition and living expenses. It was a "do or die" situation as they were not eligible for any loans, or grants nor did they want any.

Her mate had a very toxic and dysfunctional family, characterized by insecurity, self interest, greed, selfishness and downright toxicity. MG was industrious, and not the regular "surfer girl" type though she can be accurately defined as one of that "species" though along with an ability to be a top swimmer, did not have the blue eyes and blonde hair of her surfing peers. Her hair was auburn, cascading down to her petite behind, with shining wide set brown eyes. I will describe her build as tall, at five foot ten inches and an overall "neat package." With a model build, a solid athletic appearance, and a very feminine modest disposition, she drew much unwanted attention from my gender. I tell her that her greatest and strongest attribute is her intelligence, but do l on the physical as it can upset her.

Her solution as a college student with few resources, to the "Christmas quandary" which threatened to cast their student budget into the abyss of failure was for her to pick berries, and make jam/jellies that she would present as gifts to both their parents and sibblings, thus saving a pile of money.

Now the real truth is that she was/is a gourmet cook, and having tasted her wares, they are fabulous in flavor and texture. This was yet another of her skills.

So that first Christmas, pail in hand, her and her husband visited his parents and sibblings to interact and present to them presents she had worked so hard to make, only to find the wrapped jars of her finest fruit creations were rejected, criticized and discarded.

Now tell me if there is much more cruelty imaginable causing hurt and pain in a young 19 year old woman who had worked hard in the little spare time she had to pick, clean, and jar delectable jellies and jams.

That event alone is but one scar on and over many others already cruelly cut into her precious spirit by people I would not spit on the best part of. It has followed her all her life, not to mention other travesties and cruelties imposed on her by many malicious cruel ingrates/sub humans.

I have never known a more gentle, kind, caring woman in my existence on this wretched planet, and as I gaze out now at my small display of blue Christmas lights on white new fallen snow on the branches of one of the three front evergreens, and that cruelty imposed on a woman every bit as pure as that snow, it all beggars description except when compared to other hurts she suffered all through her life from child to present existence. Such a cruel and even criminal action imposed on such a person of excellence, is as abhorrent as would it be if one's little daughter or grand daughter, as mine are wont to do, would make gifts for me as they do, drawing and coloring and with immense affection showing in their eyes, proudly presenting the essence of their spirit and heart poured into such an effort and result, and offering it to me in the spirit of their love, only to hear harsh words of critical condemnation and watching as it is trashed. How could anyone live with such a vile and cruel act that would tear the tender feelings of a child apart in such a manner?

I would die before I would do such a thing, in fact, most would be incapable of such treachery, cruelty and malice. Yet this was what people I despise did to her, and all through her existence.

This woman as a teen was hurt in many other ways, in spite of the fact she was and is the closest I can see as a member of the fairer gender who seals up the sum of what a woman was always meant to be. The fact that her own gender were the cruelest to her but proves that she was and is the best, for jealousy in women can be and often results in cruelty...they are the most vicious bullies. While I will not dwell on her outer beauty, the reality of the reaction of my gender to her was and is proof that the field wildflower, the Arizona blue skies, the innumerable shining stars on a clear summer night, nor the full moon extending a ribbon of off white colored path across still waterways have nothing on her.

So the question is, bringing it all back to the hard side, why do people physically abuse, torment, emotionally devastate such as she, not to mention little children all across the face of this wretched planet? Why do miscreants walk into schools and murder innocent young children? Why do even mothers and fathers hurt, beat, and even murder their own babies and young children? Why is it in so called civilized societies children are seemingly under attack?

Has anyone seen anything as innocent as a toddler? Has anyone not seen the look of innocence and love in the faces of little children, and even babies? How can and why do people recompense hurt and destruction on children, and on their innocent victims who have done nothing to merit anything but love and respect? But I digress, though the feelings of MG are as tender as those of a child and her innocence as apparent.

The fact I place this woman on a pedestal is mute testimony to the fact that Alexander Pope was wrong when he said, "Whoever thinks a faultless piece to see, thinks what ne'er was, nor is, nor e'er shall be."

Yet she is but a microcosmistic indicator of many societies today and her mistreatment a measure of the inhumanity of people. I confess her existence in my life as a close friend has been an immeasurable boon, and my contribution to her security and happiness is miniscule compared to what she has given in return. Every man married should have his wife as a close friend and every man single should have a woman as a close friend as well. It seems as a society, we have not learned the reality, or deny it, that either gender has weaknesses and strengths compared to the other but we are not supposed to compete. The strengths of one is to overlap and cover/compensate the weaknesses of the other and it can be done even in platonic friendships, even though John Gay said, "a woman's friendship ever ends in love."

So do I love her and others of the fairer gender in my friendships with them? To deny that would be a lie, because I do, but the capacity of that love is not of a romantic nature but of an "agape" unconditional love that opens the doors to the most intimate communication imaginable, because such a love precludes criticism, judgmentalist tripe, and rejection. We are safe with each other.

There is one rule to keep uppermost in one's mind, about the fairer gender, and well expostulated by Cervantes, "Woman is made of glass."

To meet a woman of excellence is to note that such are noble in character and it is not hard for me, as a man, to see that such a woman is made of good stuff, and is in many ways, superior to me. Saying that is easy, for only a fool would argue that the sun shining in its strength can be ignored, and it's penetrating warmth reaching to the very being of man, does not exist, or flow all over and into even cold, semi lifeless beings.

This invective would be incomplete without my referral to what does God say about woman? Perhaps it is simplest to point out that the creation account starts and proceeds with an ascending order relative to importance in the scheme of things. One can read that the last creation was woman.

Let God be true and every man a liar. Now where have you heard that before?


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