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December 4, 2016


In my distant memories, there is a chorus from a song I heard over 50 years ago and in it's accurate secular application, actually has a double reference, I think was unknown to the author and those who recorded it.

That chorus below is:

Don't try to win before you lose
You "gotta" walk the road you choose,
You "gotta" die before you live,
You "gotta" take back what you give.

I will apply the spiritual and temporal message I get from each line.

"Don't try to win before you lose" - Even if you are born into a rich family, and have everything handed to you in this world, we all have pride at some point in our lives that is a bar, in fact, the greatest bar to "winning" the "prize" many miss, ignore, or reject which is salvation, a free gift. Pride is the one thing God hates more than anything. "Winning" is a voyage, not a harbor, and one can be fabulously rich lose if he acquires any one of many terminal diseases. That makes him a loser. A man can be renowned and respected and all it takes is one moral error, or one comment by a liar that defames the innocent victim, to lose his reputation. SO many bad things can happen to good people as well as bad. So what is the connection?

In the movie Wyatt Earp, he stoically says as counsel to one who has suffered misfortune that "life is all about losing." At some point everyone loses, no matter who, as one can lose at romance, at work, at any one or more of the many relationships one has with peers, sibblings, etc The connection is that we all need to be aware of and even prepared for if possible, failures along the way. In process, a failure at many things is but an opportunity to learn, and if we take the failure to learn what NOT to do in whatever process we have failed, we can be sure that we should avoid that pitfall if we try again to succeed. The more direct reference to that first line is that in life we all have losses, and that is part of living.

In business, 90% of new enterprises fail in the first year and in the next five, half of the remainder go under. Many fail but gaining perseverance, they win at later attempts. It is clear, failure is the first result in life of many things and we are not to get discouraged by that reality.

"You gotta walk the road you choose" is clear and another way to say this is to use the expression my departed mother in law always said, "You have to lie in the bed you make." For sure any road you choose will have rough and rocky sections...do not get discouraged when you hit them BUT our direction in life is chosen by us and we must own our decisions.

has two meanings to me, the first being that most of us are ingrates and take lots for granted. One does not really appreciate things unless one has been deprived of them. The real spiritual application is that one must "die" to oneself, forsake the world in not allowing one to be in bondage to or idolize anything of the world. One must accept one's hopeless and lost "estate" to depend on the Only Way to salvation through the One and Only God, Jesus Christ.

I see many bondages people succumb to...greed/money, pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol, debt, materialism, etc In fact as stated by an 18 century philosopher, "Man is born free but is everywhere in chains." Most of those chains we take upon ourselves willingly, though they bring bondage, despair and misery. We must die to anything that controls us to experience the vitality and freedom that is our due.

"You gotta take back what you give" is the phrase in this chorus I often use when dealing with people who have hurt their innocent victims/targets. Some call it "karma" but I have lived long enough to have seen this principle occur out of the blue time and time and time again. A particularly savage karma event involves a man who while driving drunk, crossed the center line, and smashed into an innocent driver, killing a father of eight children, and an innocent mother. Several years later, at the funeral of his grandson, who had deceased, he himself suffered a cardiac and died. Another was a particularly dishonest and duplicious man who acquired cancer and died within two weeks. There are times when the wicked prosper, but the end of all is death and the ground at the foot of the grave is level, ALL MUST DIE. At this point, my agnostic and atheist friends disagree but I have always said what if I am right and more particularly, the Holy Bible? Jesus Himself addressed a similar principle in His Words, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This is violated many times by people stealing, betraying, defrauding, defaming, and much worse. Whether perpetrators realize it or not, it is true that "paybacks are a bitch" and I have seen this work destructively towards the guilty. In fact, there are warnings in scriptures about such a thing.

Doing what is written in scriptures does not guarantee you will always receive the recompense of your error temporally, but it is true in the spiritual sense. I look at things around me and see the enemies of all that is good who defy and disrespect God with their evil machinations. However, the wheels turn though they do so slowly. The observations I make to myself about so called "Christian" people are not conductive to encouragement for too often I see them as being lovers of mammon, not of God and selling their souls to many temporal things, and embracing that which is condemned. I know good people but must admit

If I can make one statement in conclusion, I would paraphrase by saying there is going to be a lot of people unpleasantly surprised who today think their sins and violation of scriptural precepts will not have either spiritual and temporal consequences. That reality is backed by several scriptural references, and as we all know, God is true, but man is a liar.

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