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jackass award

December 19, 2019


Due to popular demand I am awarding turdo the Jackass of the Day section award to him for each and every day.

Final straw can be found in the firearm section. This moron is attacking and targeting lawful permit holding non criminal record firearms owner's deer hunting rifles when the problem is in fact gang violence in big cities using ILLEGAL HANDGUNS.

But that is really how Libbie loons operate and he really thinks he is fooling us all by using a fake excuse to ban and steal firearms. My opinion poll says that most of those asked about their opinion are not kind to this little lying puke and know he is just re-starting the NWO program in Canuckistan to ban all firearms from the citizenry. IT IS NOT GOING TO FLOAT and most I talk to are going to resist this Stalinist illegal violation of Charter and Sovereign rights.

Some wish he would "go to hell" but that is something I would wish on nobody . I bet were he a US president that he would have died long before now from lead poisoning and to be sure, I would not blame anyone for doing the dirty deed. After all, he has already committed treason and sedition and that is the penalty for same.

Just as would not have condemned anyone for assassinating Fidel or Stalin, to save tens of millions of lives, I would not at all condemn anyone for running over him, poisoning him, or stabbing him to death. It still stands that nobody would waste the price of a good bullet on the lying bigot and Christophobic pervert puke.

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