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DECEMBER 5, 2018


From time to time, I have had in my existence, very personal discussions with members of my own gender, some of them very rough men who I had daily contact with. The alternate was the interpersonal discussions I had with women of all types. Synergistic combination of the two experiences brought me to the conclusion that I had found the "real McCoy" a few years ago, while searching for a minister of genuinity, wisdom, and insight under which to seat members of my family for their, and my own benefit. The proof came that summed up all those many discussions had been about from men and women spanning several years.

His six words removed all doubt that this was the man I had been looking for in a profession that has gone down the tubes in the last few decades. Those words were his summation of the state of affairs in the lives of many people, "Broken people in a broken world."

When I hear them it always awakens memories of some of the conversations I have had with people and especially young women. I am not saying my gender cannot be devastated, hurt, diminished and abused by a society run amok but I have heard a huge number of stories from women that would make a grown man cry.

The pain of it all is increased when I realize that many of these were and are quality class women with a capacity to affection and femininity I could not begin to describe, though my pen were gilded and my parchment script were the sky.

I am in agreement with the good preacher and thinking on this a few hours ago, I felt my response to such was not sufficient, though if I might say so, it is on the mark.

I am sticking to this for the moment, as the thing to say to any woman, many of who I know, who have been torn emotionally by others. That is, "In your existence you have been hurt and though that hurt might have lasted a long long time, it is a surety to me, recognizing who and what you are, that the one who hurt you has ahead of him the days, years and decades to his life's end, to think about how thoroughly stupid he was and is for not only hurting a woman like you, sublime in every way inside and out, but for the serious flaw in his character/being that precluded his ability to discern that you were, and are, the eighth wonder of the world."

I am quite blessed in this day and age to be close to a few such women that the previous statement does not do justice to, in fact, it is one of the highlights of my existence that makes me happy. Few indeed are such but they do exist, in a society run amok where the true woman is a rarity.

It is true that just because anyone/any group belittle, bully, or criticize, it does not make you any less than who and what you are. Though they try, it is a reality that opinions can be right but in such cases, are almost always wrong.

I might conclude with the partial story of a little surfer girl of epic intelligence, poise, femininity, intelligence and exquisite class beauty. Laden with the fools and cruel icons of idiotology all her life, this woman was in reality a gem. I met her at a time when she was struggling with issues created by fools, of BOTH GENDERS, with the sole purpose of their machinations to do as most always do, what else but manipulate. It did not work with her.

Our friendship/relationship has been close from the start and I have benefitted from her counsel on many occasions. Her greatest trait is her intelligence, front row center in the acutely sharp brain she possesses in her pretty little head fronted by big brown eyes that broadcast emotions to any who take the time to read them. She just might qualify as the most hurt and abused woman ever I have known, but for sure she qualifies as the most beautiful girl in the world inside and out.

Yet this seems to be the way of the sheeple, in a world run amok, destroy all that is noble and good, and uplift all that is corrupt and evil. Get what you want no matter who you lie to, steal from, rob, and otherwise in any way to benefit you, abuse. I have learned from a man solid in his theology, that the existence of many is indeed summed up as "broken people in a broken world." There are no other words that so accurately describe the existence of many.

Always Edward

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