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December 29, 2018


Society used to have mores that are now all but abandoned. The subject here now is sex trafficking and the failures of the legal system, and males who are the perps in sex trafficking.

The Stalinist and destructive feminine movement was the worst thing to happen to women and is a FAKE movement that damages women. You never hear about protests and hell raising over sex trafficking, importation of misogynistic murderers and rapists, nor the complications/side effects of chemical birth control on women.

You do hear the freedom and right to have an abortion, which femistalinist freaks campaigned for and were given. All this did was to make fools of the femis as aborticide was and s not only the murder of innocent unborn babies, MANY OF THEM GIRLS, but also a mental, physical and spiritual desecration of the fairer gender. It allows males to use women as receptacles for their filthy plumbing without responsibility, in essence, as sexual objects, a thing femifools campaigned against but turned around to support by their aborticidal assininity.

The article linked here mentions light sentences for pimps and sex traffickers, which as a criminal enterprise, has a disproportionate rate of participants negro and/or moslem. Immigration needs to be in on the solution, with anyone one regardless of origin deported at the first problem with the law. Second, the criminal coddling leftist fake legal system needs judges who would impose the death penalty for this crime instead of coddling criminals. First we require a political party that cares enough about human trafficking victims to recall the death penalty and use it profusely. Any cowardly lazy bastard pimp who is found guilty whose victims acquired HIV is guilty of murder and should be executed without appeal.

I will opine about one of the reasons the CYSTem wants firearms banned but are afraid to admit it. Many recall the movies like the Charles Bronson death wish series with the plot being the crime committed against him by the rape/murder of his wife and daughter, and his vendetta in the mix which was to embark on a life of retribution of the criminals involved, which he extended after he had accomplished this. The reason he did so was because of the lack of protection and prosecution of the perps by the legal system.

That and many other movies along the same lines were very popular. The truth is that at this time, the circumstances, political climate and conditions exist for the same scenario. The liberal kook system has been infiltrated by wrist slapping fake judges and injustices as well as the leftist mindset to ignore the victims and worry about he criminal.

Much of this sort of crime involves migrant fake refugees from turd world shitholes. Yeah there are regular Canadians involved as well but these are also worthy of the same execution process penalty. The point here is for all you stupid system stooges that would cry racism, I MANDATE THE SAME TREATMENT OF ANYONE FOR PIMPING/HUMAN TRAFFICKING! I ALSO ASK THESE LIBTURD MORONS THAT IN LIGHT OF THE FACT THE PROBLEM WAS ALREADY HERE, WHY IMPORT MORE OF THESE BASTARD CRIMINAL TYPES FROM TURD WORLD NATIONS WHO ARE THEMSELVES A HIGH NUMBER OF SEXUAL OFFENSES WHEN WE HAVE OUR OWN TO DEAL WITH FIRST?

Run a search on Rotherham moslem sex trafficking of British girls. Note the damned cowards of the CYSTem there in political office who knew of this for years but chose not to blow the whistle and protected these bastards including law enforcement. The lot of these should have been charged with complicity and imprisoned.

As I said the conditions today exist for vigilante justice as in the death wish series of decades ago. Really, who in their right mind would naught but applaud a father, brother, uncle, husband,or friend of a victim of human trafficking who decided to look after the problem himself using lethal force? Such trash, be they cracker slags, niggers, or moslem mutts merit death for such crimes and I guarantee this crime, all for the love once again of the damned dollar, would vanish after a few hangings.

Criminals consider the honest male citizen a weak kneed hack, and the legal system a joke with its leftist loon criminal coddlers. They consider the religious leaders similar leftist loons who are their friends in the opposition to the death penalty. The CYSTem right now well knows that we the people have the right to security of the person and the legal system is not at all guaranteeing it and people are angry. They also well know they have NO RIGHT to deny the use of lethal force by the citizenry in defence of their property and lives, and damn the bastards who think they do.

The war on our rights to these freedoms can erupt in any home invasion act of killing criminals in self defence. Many of us will NOT allow the losers, cowards and Stalinists like Tory, Goodale, Justie, etc to deny us the right to self defence and any ILLEGAL| IMMORAL law in that calculated capacity will be ignored and disobeyed. The Bruce Montague persecution by leftist loons and cowards of the system has not had the planned effect to make the people comply with illegal regulations relative to firearm ownership, but ha shad the opposite effect.

I ask how can the citizenry trust a CYSTem that does not trust us with firearms? have ample reason to distrust a corrupt hoplophobic CYSTem from the municipal level to the national where Justie and an ASSministration of liars, Stalinists, and enemies of freedom and justice prove over and over they are incompetent and dangerous to freedom and justice as is their panty waisted bastard of a leader.

I can promise the CYSTem that if any armed criminal crashes through my door that he will be met with one round of triple zero buckshot mid center chest and I guarantee that he will die, and rightly so. We killed and processed a pig yesterday and I know it would be a much more easy task to cut the throat of a criminal than to have done it to the pig who was innocent of any crime except tasting good off the BBQ.

I dare say that many more people feel the same way I do, but remain silent in word, but will not in action. They also see the real enemy is the CYSTem and politically correct kooks.

The CYSTem is the problem and is creating more, instead of solving the existent ones. Do a search on Toronto`s most wanted as a mute testimony to what the real problem is with the cowardly CYSTem and its damned stooges like Tory who cannot deny this evidence.



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