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December 20, 2017

The most intelligent person I ever met.

"I feel overwhelmed, depleted, and demoralized."

That all comes from a close friend of the fairer gender who has suffered abuse from her life as a child right through to the present, and someone I categorically can describe as the most intelligent person I ever met, and beautiful inside and out.

It is beyond me how anyone could be cruel and hurtful to such an individual as I am sure the only natural response to this individual would be to cherish her because of who and what she is.

At this point in time, like many others I know of, personally and otherwise, this unique woman has been cheated/robbed of at least a quarter million in inheritances by her despicable family, specifically her sister in law.

I doubt that any of these thieves, liars and despicable criminals ever consider the spin offs to their victims but they are substantial. That is a topic for a sermon and a personal report on the many people and how they have been affected who have suffered by the theft, lies, immorality, greed, selfishness and criminality of Doris Kennedy, her disgusting religious hypocrite sister Eleanor, and her three surviving trash children and trash spouses.

I had two friends visit me this past summer from the west, and one of them had also been robbed o a six digit figure by her own sister relative to inheritance. Ditto for a friend right here in my area and many others I am acquainted with.

While the worst offenders are relatives, there is always the same destructive fallout to the victims that I am of the opinion results as stated by the axiom, "paybacks are a bitch."

That the individual I refer to has and is suffering from the acts of criminality spurred by greed, by a relative, it has contributed to her security at a time when money would substantially help her.

I am of the opinion that such thieves in the person of greedy, selfish relatives are the worst category of cowardly criminal there is, and such often get their just desserts in one or more of many ways.

The preacher I sit under has two sayings, and one of them is, "Broken people in a broken world." Misery and pain on the heads of those whose god, love of the damned dollar and hypocrisy, fills them with selfishness and greed, that not only hurt but destroy innocent people.

Always Edward


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