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December 13, 2016


Well I am finished my research/investigation that proves the objective of the deplorable Eleanor and Doris not to mention the complicit damned Slacks. I will hold that over to the new year as I wish to get another item on the record that impacted and changed the plan Doris and Eleanor had laid out to cheat myself, my son, and my two brothers to benefit the damned Slacks. Now I will give that the way the will went was the way that Eleanor wanted it, more than Doris, but sisters they were and the one thing they had in common was that they were so arrogant that they only illustrated their stupidity, criminality and religious hypocrisy, trying to fool everyone into thinking they were good Christian people. Balls to that. When I am done, there will be no doubt, and even the damned Slacks who were complicit will have to admit it like it or not, especially Beth whose pride and arrogance, manipulation and duplicity knows no bounds. Her sneakiness and duplicity, in her defense, was a learned trait cultivated in her by her deplorable and dishonest mother Eleanor, with the same traits embraced by Sharleen, and Mendel to a lesser extent. Both Doris and Eleanor were taught these despicable traits by their mother who was taught by her father Charles Ball. The stench of hypocrisy, greed, criminality, selfishness and religion hypocrisy has followed for three generations and at this time I have no doubts about the fourth represented by the children of Eleanor.

Into the mix over three decades ago came Edward the "third" in the person of my son, named after his great grandfather. He quickly became the apple of Percy and even Doris's eye. Now usually the succeeding generations become weaker and less principled, so using that general rule, my father would be better than I, and I lesser, and my son lesser than me. However, he has proven he is better than his father, thus reversing the general tendency to entropy/devolution of the human race morally.

I am not lacking in pride, but Truth trumps pride in my existence and from my proximity to observe, I have long noted noted my son is better at doing almost anything I can do. He is a better climber than I am in my profession. He is endowed with patience as opposed to my impatience. He took classical guitar lessons for a few years and approached unto performer status according to his accomplished teacher. On his own he learned to play piano, accordion, banjo, and more recently the bagpipes, becoming a member of the Pipe and Drum Corp Princess of Wales Regiment. He became a certified arborist, and gained his pilot's licence. He is mechanically minded and according to Doris, who confided in me that "Edward can do anything" which is a huge compliment from a manipulating man hating toxic and dysfunctional woman whose life focused on manipulating/cheating others and playing her "I am a Christian" hypocrisy which fooled a lot less people than she thought. One is as he/she thinks but more as what he/she does and DOES NOT DO! He can weld, and has abstract reasoning that I lack. He bought a truck to replace our aging truck, removed the dump box from the old one, and engineered/planned/installed it on the new truck, new lift and all. I will stop there though I must mention he has become a handgun expert, and can hit 1.5 inch groups at 3000 feet with a custom Tikka 308. I get comments from clients who tend to take to him and note his quietness and focus as he works. He is trustworthy and the church he attends allows him to handle their monetary assets.

Eleanor, and the damned Slacks fall far short of the mark and to their chagrin, Edward soon became the apple of the eye for Doris and Percy. Whether it was the look of surprise and happiness I saw on the face of Percy week after week when he was hospitalized hearing Edward was catching otters right and left, or the mute satisfaction that Edward could install the tractor chains more efficiently and faster than anyone including Percy, he was always pleased with Edward. Doris was always pleased to see him visit, and there was nothing she needed fixed that he ever failed at doing.

As you will see later, this frigged the nefarious plans of Doris and Eleanor to trash my father, brothers, son and myself, to the benefit of the damned Slacks using guile, fraud, thievery, duplicity and deception that were all taught to the damned Slacks, but especially to the two miscreantic arrogant sneaks, Beth Slack Bradley and Sharleen Slack Van Woezik. Their damned greedy and criminal accomplice spouses are no better, a fact I would love to personally communicate to each of these bastards if they ever come to the farm, which would be shortly followed by the citizen's arrest I would make, and the necessary physical action needed to detain them on charges of mischief/trespassing as I have been advised by legal counsel.

At any rate, the whole lot of the greedy criminal bastards have been exposed for who and what they are, but the best proof is yet to come and this little ditty will fit in well with the proof as a backer of no little means. In the meantime, the damned Slacks can spend and enjoy money they stole from my brothers, Edward and I, and rejoice in their success to date of imposing their criminal intentions on all of us. There can be and is no doubt MORALLY, LEGALLY, and REALISTICALLY ACCORDING TO THEIR ACTIONS that they along with their hypocrite mother and aunt, committed fraud, theft, duplicity, and hypocrisy against myself and dozens of others and no denying it can reverse the real evidence about the ingrates who chose to sell their souls, betray their God, and embrace their love of mammon for thirty pieces of silver.

My biggest proof up coming and putting it all together like a puzzle will to their shame, expose them as naked ingrates guilty of all allegations I have stated to this point in time. After that I still have lots to say about all of them and more incidents that shame all of these greedy bastards and might well cause their their aunt and mother to turn in their graves.

Edward Kennedy

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