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Before my recent trip to the mid west USA to once again find some sanity, sadly missing here in the land of statist perverted fake premiers and an ASS istant grade 4 drama teacher, I visited a large shopping mall in "Untario" to address a concern that had been on my mind for some time. I sent this "treatise" below, to the security manager of that center, and the administration head. I also sent a copy to the CSIS, just to show I was DEAD SERIOUS (pun intended) and this was not a joke, or action taken lightly by me nor did I want it taken lightly by those who could have rectified things.

As expected, true to form, I was contacted by police and asked to not have any more contact with the shopping complex. Libbie loons ALWAYS use law enforcement as patsies to further their agenda by attempting to silence people through intimidation. Has not, nor will it work for these fools, they have already acquired the "boy who cried wolf" reputation in my case. I guess in the liberal world, "Stupid is forever."

See what happens when you inform supposedly "responsible" people about real and documented dangers to the public? Their reaction is to stick their heads in the sand and deny, deny, deny! Why would I expect anything any different? I presuppose that comment on the mere mention of a cursory look at the morons, fools, incompetents and politically correct waifs the sheeple of Canuckistan have voted into political office in "Untario" and Ottawa? Liberals refuse to believe the world has changed and not for the better. In their la la land feel good huggie existence of rainbows, unicorns and free money for useless economic migrants, the deniers create danger for the rest of us.

I had already planned a response to that inevitable act of cowardice and vapidity, and I carried out planned additional research/interviews/interaction with retired and active law enforcement people to see their reaction to my same expressed concerns, in the USA.

The results will shock many, and I will be placing that discovery here in a short while, as well as some other interesting incidents that happened to me over a period of 40 days visiting the greatest nation on the face of this wretched planet. The conclusion will be surely surprising to many who in their ignorance, have not the sense God gave a billygoat.

So here it is, in full. BTW, I have another angle to present to the CSIS on the terrorist threats to Canuckistan which I hope they themselves have thought of. These concerns are so serious and alarming I am sending the correspondence to them alone and not publicizing them. Justie the jerk and his incompetent administration of bigots, liars and fools have endangered every man, woman and child living in a nation that has clearly lost its way.

The sheeple of course, are not helping things. The Truth is that the "servant is NOT above his/her master." Articles pertaining to the subject of a Matter of Concern follow.

Always Edward

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